Tigers pressure INGOs to channel funds through them

  • 9 Aug 2007 06:11:23 GMT

    To make sure that the money would not go to Helping Hambantota a/c???

  • 9 Aug 2007 12:41:20 GMT

    Pressurizing NGO?s clearly shows the desperate situation of the LTTE. This doesn?t improve their image which is already well below sea level!

    What is much more interesting is the discovery of the first Hell-am boat people. That these poor civilians take so much risk to escape from Velu?s Vanni Zoo clearly shows the deteriorating living conditions there. That more of them will follow is just a question of time and a right opportunity to do so.

    It would be foolish for the SLA to attack the Tigers and injure or even kill innocent civilians at the same time. Safest strategy with limited human resources is:

    Develop the East and the North with adequate security to be provided

    Isolate the North East and in particular the arms supply route via the sea.

  • 9 Aug 2007 14:29:53 GMT

    LTTE clinging on to a straw for survival! No country is

    going to bail out VP this time. His time has come to leave

    this planet.