Cost of Living: Live with it, says Treasury Chief

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    [I will not post anything else, but just to reserve the spot]

    Why ?

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    [Why ? ]

    To piss off Saint, what else for Mr.Brown!

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    Easy for those in power to say, COL doesn`t affect them.

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    [Muthu Sivalingam told The Sunday Times the CWC had sought an appointment with President Rajapaksa but were told to meet with his brother and Senior Advisor, Basil. This was to discuss `a series of outstanding issues.` One was a proposal to develop the road network and other infrastructure in the estate sector. He alleged that the President`s brother had requested the CWC to accept the Mahinda Chinthanaya. He also claimed that Basil had used derogatory language on him. CWC leader, Thondaman had strongly objected to the suggestion. He had argued that the CWC never accepted the Mahinda Chinthanaya and hence was not obliged to subscribe to it.

    A heated exchange followed. Sivalingam said at that point he had declared he would resign if there was no confidence in him. Thondaman too had said he would resign from the Cabinet. At that point, Basil promptly offered Sivalingam a white sheet of A-4 size paper and declared he could use it to write his resignation. Thondaman snapped back to say they did not require blank paper from the Government for that purpose. They would return to their office and forward their letters. After the heated argument, they continued talking for a while. Thondaman had said even when they were out of the Government, they would support it.

    Instead of returning to `Saumya Bhavan,` the headquarters of the CWC, Thondaman and his colleagues retired to a suite at Taj Samudra Hotel where a lady friend was staying. There the CWC parliamentarians switched off their mobile phones and began deliberating on their next move. It is here that they decided to deliver their letters of resignation. Word got out that the CWC was leaving the Government. When news spread, media officials at the President`s Office said the matter was sorted out. But that version was strongly denied by Yogarajan, another CWC MP who said the party would quit.


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    [please remove just editing post if Sri is not going to really edit something]

    angampora2, Are you mouth piece of Saint?

    Do you know why he puts //editing// without writing any comment in the first place?


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    [someone need to complain to Mr Brown.]

    If you see carefully, Mr.Brown talked to me first, Angoda!

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    Even if you are very caring and living in Hong Kong, new emergency regulations could put you in the jail :

    [`no person who being a Sri Lankan national, whether resident or outside Sri Lanka, shall procure or cause to be procured, aid or abet the procurement of, or provide financial assistance for the procurement of, military equipment.` Such acts will be deemed to be an offence. Those suspected will be liable for arrest and detention. This is until they are tried by a High Court in Colombo.


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    [...this is not your PEElam]

    No, this is Sorry Lanka News papers!

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    [Dr. Jayasundera said this was the main factor influencing the exchange rate ? the declining value of the rupee in relation to the dollar ? and ]

    `Rupee Crash` will happen very soon... If you want to buy property in Sri Lanka, get a bank loan in Rupee and purchase... after the crash $1 = approx Rs1500... so, you can pay off the loan immediately with $3000-$5000.

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    [it is easy for you guys to ask from Tamil Children in North to fight your bogus WAR because WAR doesn`t affect you / your children

    how similar both



    Typical lame line of the species know as the GoSL Hooter.

    The racist war of occupation waged by your terrorist state has already affected each and everyone of us, I have already lost two relatives and nearly lost two others who are still working there in harms way with these children you seem to care so much for, many of them have lost both parents or limbs or both, who did that? The LTTE?

    Don`t open your pie hole without knowing anything about the person, or you just look stupid.