Australia tightens noose on Lankan visa applicants

  • 1 Aug 2007 04:41:21 GMT

    When it comes to cheating, corruption, deception, incompetence, stealing, we, sinhalase, comes first beating any other ethnic group in Slanka.

    As many as tamils there are sinhalase seeking political asylum in countries like Australia, canada, Uk, Usa, and europe giving any shred of evidence they can produce. For example, they claim to be JVP and say goverment is seeking to kill them. some of them claim to be sLFP and say UNp is trying to kill them. Some of them claim to be UNp and say SLFP and jvP are trying to kill them. I have met thousands of them in those countries when I did a study on `asylum seekers from Slanka-the truth and the fiction` for my doctorates.

    The cheating at highest order was committed by CBK when she produced false qualifications to the UNESCO which when challenged by Victor Ivon were found to be false and she got the sack.

    Jivan Kumarathunga, a minister was involved in a large scale international fraud.

    In many cases, money has been printed illegally by Buddhist monks.

    Not long ago, we read in local news papers about a racket perpetrated by a monk. He was about to take 23 non monks to Japan on an invitation for a `pirith` chanting. he was going to leave them behind in Japan for jobs.

    Not long ago, we hared about the cultural exchange scam.

  • 1 Aug 2007 06:19:03 GMT

    When it comes to corruption, frauds, crook deals, deception, cheating, stealing, sheady deals,forgery, etc., we, sinhalase, are ahead of other communities.

    CBK, former President of Slanka, herself cheated with her qualifications. When victor ivon raised the issue the UNESCO sacked her.

    Jivan kumarathunga was involved in a bogus visa scam.

    A monk in balangoda was involved in sending disguised monks to Japan for jobs.

    Many buddhist monks have been involved in money printing.

    There are thousands of sinhalae youth seeking reguee status in other countries, claiming that they are under threat of one sort of another.

    The list if really long. So, any country, even Bangladashe should be wiser to have strict visa controls when it comes to Slankans.

  • 1 Aug 2007 06:37:29 GMT


    Can you kindly tell us the University that awarded you a doctorate so that rest of can be sure that no one else goes through the same University that offered someone like you a doctorate?



  • 1 Aug 2007 06:39:46 GMT

    Hope it applied only to the Tamil people?

  • 1 Aug 2007 07:26:16 GMT

    Lankan passport holders getting a VVIP treatment in Asia too.

    LTTE and Sinhala/Muslim human smugglers and Lankan Government Institutions from Gramasevaka on wards upto immigration are responsible for current situation.

    I have met Non Srilankan Asians traveling from lankan passports.

  • 1 Aug 2007 10:24:37 GMT


    You are too extreme in your thoughts and anti-tamil. My friend, a sizeable sinhalese buddhish are descendant of tamil buddhist.

    Watch-out you may have a tamil blood-line. Do you hate your great,great,great grandpa.

    Try to become generous, the life is too short to harbour rancours.

  • 1 Aug 2007 11:00:01 GMT


    See the commical comments from CDB (CowDungBoy = RaiGOmaKolla)

    There are thousands of sinhalese around the world in other contries mosltly applied on merit basis - USA, Aus, Uk set examples for this.

    Only Tamils apply the `threat` theory nowadays and jump to a safe `terrorirts heaven` in the west then carry out all the crimes with the crooks nature they learnet from LTTE.

    All sinhalese must have faced the `bitter` immigration experience in immigration counters overseas. Once the office takes your passport, they see its SriLanka, and asks `whats your name` (Though its shown on the PP). Going forward, he would ask `are you a TAMIL?`.

    Sadly TAMILS brought a very bad name to SriLanka, Tamils are mostly known around the world as..

    Homicide Bombers


    Credit card scammers


    Money launders,

    TERRORISTS belong to world`s No 2 TERRORISTS outfit.

    Australia was too late to do this. UK, USA and others too will follow the suit.


  • 1 Aug 2007 11:14:56 GMT

    JVP terrorists who have received refugee status in the UK, Austrailia, Canada, etc. are tamils or sinhalase?? And what merit they have than tamils??/

    Have we not read in newspapers how sinhalase get smuggled themselves into western countries through various ways.

    I met more than 100 sinhalase boys in Manhattan, NY, who had come to USA through various ways. One of them came from Canada in a car boot, hard to believe but it happend. he was still living in NY two years after while his case was being heared.

    Sinhalase have brought a bad name to slanka much more than tamils. Tamils have reasons to leave the country because they cannot get a fair deal from sinhalase. But sinhalase leave for pure economic reasons. The real economic migrants are sinhalasse not tamils.

    As a matter of fact, it was educated tamils who migrated in early 1950s who opend the door for sinhalase also to migrate through merit systems.

  • 1 Aug 2007 14:26:14 GMT

    RK the racist is in full swing. this dude is mentally scarred against sinhalese....especially people from the south...

    he`s the moron who once commented on that beer truck accident saying only cows died since southern people are not important blah blah...

    stup1d ignorant racist...pretending to be a sinhalese also :)

    good show lo0ser! d0nkeys like you are the reason for all this mess.

  • 1 Aug 2007 16:14:31 GMT

    RK, are you talking through your rectum? You scumbag, are you really educated enough to read between lines and

    understand the contents? Or are these statements, bed-time

    stories told to you when you were a toddler, by your grand mother?