Thursday`s tamasha

  • 23 Jul 2007 03:43:54 GMT

    Even the supporters of war say this celebration is premature and unwanted.

    Very few households hoisted the national flag and the whole thing was a flop. Another desparate attempt to boost MR`s declining popularity.

  • 23 Jul 2007 06:05:49 GMT

    [He underscored that nobody should try to gain political advantage from the victory declaring that its true owners were none but the security forces]

    As Mr.Gunasekara pointed out indeed security forces are the true owners of this victory, but we have to appreciate the leadership given by MR and Gotabhaya R....If we had leaders like this earler, we would have great peaceful country by now.


  • 23 Jul 2007 06:48:32 GMT

    Only dummies and morons whose faculty of reasoning are inadequate could see a leadership quality in Mahinda Rajapakse. There were very good political leaders in the past. They were unable to indiscriminately bomb the Ltte fortified areas for the fear of international condemnation and for Indian intervention, more precisely to avoid collateral innocent human losses and damages.

    Today, the world trend is different after 9/11. Zero tolerance for terrorism. The US,Britain and its allies used canons to beat the enemy with a Gun. They carpet bombed Afghanistan and Iraq with least regard for collateral innocent human losses.

    International community was unable to put more pressure to sri lanka while US and Britain engaged in similar mission

    For the part of India, Rajiv Gandhi killing by LTTE, has silenced them. Besides, India doesn`t want to see a divided sri lanka for its own security

    LTTE blunder of trying the life of Sarath Fonseka back fired where the armed forces came to the conclusion to meet them head-on. All the changes in the world affairs were favorable to take military actions.

    To silence the critics of `secret deal`, Mahinda wants the war. Its good news that the forces are having the upper hand. But until the war is over there will be no peace.

    My dear friend muniraj, what is the leadership quality you see when he has done nothing to the country so far. He only shoots the cost of living up day by day without the help of a rocket. And people are able to see the stars when they go shopping.

    Mr. Muniraj, I hope you do not belong to the categories I mentioned above.

  • 23 Jul 2007 07:27:43 GMT

    [I wrote something it is not there.]

    Don`t worry no one missed it. You are labeled as a hardcore raciest that very few people give a S?.

  • 23 Jul 2007 07:38:53 GMT

    Hi Donald,

    First of all I was commenting abt this news article, which is related to the military victory we had. In that terms since these babarians started this terrorism, no other president fought the war like MR does. Rather all the other presidents (except for Weerathunga....hehehh) supported this butcher group. So dont you understand that it is because of his leadership that we were able to defeat terrorism. Anyway as you are telling if bombing the LTTE areas was a solution, MR would have done it long time back. But, it is not the solution!!

    Since you brought up, let me brief you about the economic situ of the country. Ya, i agree that the inflation rate has clearly shot up during the past few months. But it has to be expected when the govt is carrying out a full scale war. During the previous SLFP and UNP regimes even without carrying out a proper war the the inflation rate was high. Hope I dont have to remind you abt all the dirty work done by the other so called the leaders. But on the other hand MR has been able to reduce the unemployment level and minimize the burden on the lower class citizens.

    So as I can see obviously you are not belong to that lower class. So you may have to under go some difficulties and minimize the consumption of luxury items. Therefore, I clearly understand your hatred towards this govt. But for a bright future for our motherland we all have to sacrifice the luxuries that we enjoyed. Hope now you will realize who is the ignorant, selfish moron!!

    Have a great day!!


  • 23 Jul 2007 07:54:48 GMT

    Thoppigala militory victory has become the latest SLFP victory as they showed in the SLFP national convention yesterday.

    Our servicemen sacrifice their lives for the country and UNP and SLFP, in turn, use them for their own popularity.

  • 23 Jul 2007 08:02:47 GMT

    Join the club. The Tamil issue has always been a soccer game between UNP and SLFP.

    To be fair there has been fair political proposals but the two main political parties have taken turns derailing it.

  • 23 Jul 2007 08:07:46 GMT

    [The Tamil issue has always been a soccer game between UNP and SLFP]

    Not really, it is like a golf game, always moving from one hole to another.

  • 23 Jul 2007 08:11:42 GMT

    But in golf the ball gets hit by only one player, unfortunately Tamils are getting kicked by all players.

  • 23 Jul 2007 08:12:52 GMT

    Hi DumindaK !!long time no see....

    If the SLFP is showing it as their victory its not acceptable by any means. It would have been better if they had given an armsgiving as a tribute to all the brave soldiers who sacrificed with their lives to liberate the East.