Heavy losses may force LTTE into more child recruitment

  • 21 Jul 2007 14:02:07 GMT

    Keep it up with the good work LTTE :)


  • 21 Jul 2007 16:28:30 GMT

    The news is musical to many .

  • 21 Jul 2007 20:45:15 GMT

    The eelamists within the tamil diaspora in the west could only crow from the safty of the western countries. none of the sods will even visit their so called homeland the way the current situation is.

    Come on you eelamists on this forum, put your hand on your heart at least one of you who could either volonteer to go or send a kid of yours to go and fight for your cause.

    you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting that bunch of thugs in the vanni to forcibly take others to fight, due to their poverty. and not having the resources to flee the tyrany of vp the vanni pig

  • 21 Jul 2007 23:24:18 GMT


    What is this called ?

    Is it Extreme selfishness or deceit or hypocrisy or hoodwinking or taking for a ride or fooling of tamils or all of them ?


    OL and AL students to have compulsory training to get killed !

    Children are abducted amid screaming of helpless parents

    Children are threatned to be shot from behind if they don`t go forward in the battlefield

    100 children die in LTTE training camps every month.

    14 yr old Kid shot for not joining LTTE

    I went for tooth extraction when I was kidnapped

    Sister killed trying to prevent brothers being abducted

    Child soldier dies of claymore accident

    23 kids abducted in Batti on 28th March and parents chased away

    5368 kids recruited since CFA (UNICEF report)

    7000 tamil kids have already perished on the alter of self determination

    14000 kids injured, amputated or have become psychological wreaks

    University asked to shut

    Principals killed causing chaos in education

    Children 6 and above ordered to join civilian training

    GOSL soldiers guarding tamil students even during exams

    Parents not sending kids to school for fear of abduction

    Kids who refuse are hanged up side down and skin pierced with orange thorns

    Parents sending kids under for protection of HRC

    LTTE cadres wait till dark, force open and take kids away

    Villages attack LTTE cadres who returned the body of a child

    Canadian tamil appeals for kidnapped neice

    Can you remember them saying the struggle is because tamil students were deprived of university places !!

    Now not only denies the alphabet but also the right to live !


    Prabakarans? kids are studying in UK universities

    Tamilselvam?s kids studying in Norway

    Nadesan?s kids are studying in UK

    Balakumar?s kids are studying in UK



    Welcome to the freedom land !!