Thoppigala victory and the Himalayan task

  • 20 Jul 2007 22:24:02 GMT

    [Anandasangaree,devananda and even Karuna to canvess for such investments]

    haha justman are you justmad? Do you think any of us Tamils outside SL will give these dogs the time of day let alone entertain their attempts at canvessing us LOL.

  • 20 Jul 2007 23:04:10 GMT


    I dont`t think that I am what you say,perhaps it`s your reluctant leader.Tamils outside are getting fed up that`s why they are investing heavily in outside the areas of rebel control and they are willing to invest in Eastv as well,provided the southern lot get the infrastructure right and make conditions suitable for such investments.Many Tamils are sentimentally attached to SL,living abroad now and they will continue to invest in SL,if you like or not and they should be welcome.You can be rest assured,no terror group will be allowed to carve out an enclave in the island,inspite of many wrong doings by the politicians of all colours.Ultimately it is the people,unitedly decide their fate,but not by any bogus politician of all communities as they have their own agenda.