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Thambili - Punchi Lindey Vathura Rasai
Friday, 20 July 2007 - 12:15 AM SL Time

In Celebrating the Return of KAMANI

Originated in Sri Lanka, `Thambili`(King Coconut) short in stature, inhabitants regard it as `a living pharmacy.` And so do sell and consume thousands of them on a daily basis.

A Sight of a king coconut palm in most of Sri Lankan home gardens is a common thing. And bunches of king coconuts can be seen many wayside kiosks throughout the country. These nuts come in several varieties, the most commonly found being the `Red Dwarf (kaha Thambili, more commonly called `Gon Thambili`.) Other varieties are the `Ran Thambili` a smaller and containing about 40 nuts a bunch. But it is the king coconut that is realy known as `king of coconuts`. in the villages the more easily available, cheap and popular drink is that of the green coloured young coconut, the `kurumba`.

The king coconut is also a hot favourite among visitors to Sri Lanka. It`s soft, spongy, tangy, nutritious and tasty kernel called the `londha` . The kernel can also be eaten straight off the split nut by scooping it either with a piece shaved off from the nut shell which most villages do, or by scooping it with a spoon.

The sweetness of the king coconut water is said to vary among palms (the `Gon Thambili` is less sweet) and is quantity in each fruit to be dependent on the correct timing of its harvesting which is best when the nut is between its seventh to eighth months of maturity.
The king coconut is also highly nutritious. It is a good source of carbohydrates, has a high dietary soluble fibre and appreciable amounts of protein, fat, Vitamin E, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. And apart from this, its pharmaceutical benefits are legion.

And so king coconut water has been used in folk medicine from time immemorial - particularly as a `brew` made by the addition of a proportionate quantity of powdered `Aralu` (myrobalan) nuts to its water and used as a laxative. And that long before modern day medicines like blood purifiers and other chemical and herbal cures came into the picture. King coconut water comes naturally sterile and is, therefore, a good substitute for life saving saline.

It is said that during World 11, both the Americans and the Japanese military doctors found that in an emergency they could dip coconut water instead of sterile glucose solutions straight into a person`s veins.

Lanka`s ayurveda physicians talk of this `Aralu brew` as having the properties for `expelling heat from the body` thus resulting in a feeling of freshness - a freshness which is due to the concoctions ability to balance the body`s electrolytes. King coconut oil promotes hair growth and the `ran thambili water` is used as an eyewash.

Moreover, King coconut water is considered a good antidote to some of the powerful drugs that are now being administered to some patients.Scientists believe that king coconut water is far superior to injecterble potassium salts.

Other countries like India, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia and the philippines have also put this product into good use by processing, sweetening, drying of dehydrating its tender kernal and popularising those products around the world.


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Senior Member

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19 Jul 2007 17:22:12 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Celebrating the Return of KAMANI

Why Thambili? It stands for something else? Two is enough, for me!
Senior Member

Joined: Feb 2007
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19 Jul 2007 17:22:55 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Oh man...I like those sweet ones with soft, spongy, tangy, nutritious and tasty kernel called the 'londha' , Geeze you are making me go to SL :)
welcome back bongsy !

Senior Member

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19 Jul 2007 17:24:58 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Hi Bonggo ayya,

Thanks for offering Thamibili for me. I love them. Especially the one inside too :)

What happened to you? Where have you been? Hibernating? I heard TCs busy too.
Senior Member

Joined: May 2005
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19 Jul 2007 17:38:35 GMT  Report for Abuse   

Sooooooo nice to see you again.

I am in SL right now. Had an extended stay.


The reason is given by gg :))


It's my favourite drink, I try to have it everyday when in SL. One of the things I really miss when out of the country. Among other things curd, red rice and kola kenda.
Senior Member

Joined: Feb 2007
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19 Jul 2007 17:49:27 GMT  Report for Abuse   

love curd & treacle, bring some curd for me pleeeeeese!
I had a pet parrot that I used to feed him curd!
Senior Member

Joined: Nov 2005
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19 Jul 2007 18:17:46 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Greetings Dear Bonggo, my favorite drink in the world :) Machung the closest I've tasted in the West is Zico a packaged thambili drink that has managed to keep the taste as close to home as possible. Lovely especially after a good workout. Where is Guru these days?
Senior Member

Joined: Mar 2005
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19 Jul 2007 18:46:34 GMT  Report for Abuse   
GG Sweetheart,
love curd & treacle, bring some curd for me pleeeeeese!

Although the texture is not the same yogurt and treacle is also as good as curd and treacle. I eat yogurt and treacle at least once a day. It's so good, you don't need anything as dessert.

I also had a lot of king coconut (thambili) during my visit until Nikki got sick,... Then I had to take some precautions as advised by the 'elderly people'....

Welcome back Bonggsy, Didn't know you were in SL, we missed a potential meeting,.....
Try to have 'Penela Kola Kanda' it grows the 'man power' you know what I mean...... )

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19 Jul 2007 21:38:00 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Glad to see your post and had canceled the request for Interpol.
How about Kaju? to go with Thambili.
Senior Member

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20 Jul 2007 08:23:22 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Bonggo mahanee, Nee enge ponei??

Sorry, my tamil is bad, but tried to make an attempt.

Thambli is nice, and I love it by the bunch.

Did Zahar ask you to report to LNP asap as per my request?

We missed you.
Senior Member

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20 Jul 2007 16:53:26 GMT  Report for Abuse   
Plutes your tamil rocks :-)))
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