Vasu decries euphoria over Thoppigala victory

  • 19 Jul 2007 04:09:14 GMT

    The President must give his messege of thanks and appreciation to the 3-forces and the Police at a ceremony such as this.....It must be similar to the independence day celebrations......

    President must also explain to the Nation and the World about all the development activities in the East....

    `Nagenahira Navodaya` is a wonderful Program for the Eastern people. No wonder ANUS-AM/Traitor Ranil want to cut Whatever Foreign Assistance given to Sri Lanka....ANUS-AM/Traitor Ranil want the Sri Lankan people to suffer since they Defeated Traitor Ranil at the Presidential Election........

    The only thing TRAITOR RANIL/ANUS-AM can do now is to Travel the world and Beg of world leaders to cut Aid to Sri lanka........They say that there is Darkness even at Noon in Sri Lanka.......They tell foreign leaders to take over Sri lanaka and to Make Traitor Ranil their own `Rookada Raja` in Sri Lanka......

    Traitor Ranil has promised western powers that Sri Lanka will be ruled strictly according to the west if the Traitor can be Throned as `Rookada King` of a foreign power..

    ANUS-AM/ Traitor Ranil,

    We the ordinary Gamiya`s of Sri Lanka are eagerly awaiting the next Elections so that we can ensure that Don Juan Gonawala Traitor Ranil Wickramasinghe Trashed beyond Belief....

    We are now ready to TRASH the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of Traitor Ranil at an election......Traitor Ranil will be behind the TNA in Parliament....Traitor Ranil awaits his/her/it`s??? 15th Defeat.......and that will be truly Humiliating.........You can imagine what the deafeat will be like when even now Life long Grass root Supporters are stoning `Sirikotha` and protesting against Traitor Ranil`s Treachery.......

  • 19 Jul 2007 04:23:08 GMT

    Why not have the `Nagenahira Navodaya` in Nagenahira where all those people of Nagenahira can join the celebrations but in Batahira?

  • 19 Jul 2007 04:32:25 GMT


    Because There is no `Independance Square` in the the East.

    It would hardly be fitting to celebrate the event in the Prima Factory...or the Trinco harbour

  • 19 Jul 2007 05:03:46 GMT

    [In a statement Mr. Nanayakkara said, `When King Elara was killed, King Dutugemunu did not hold festivities. He interred the remains of King Elara in a tomb in a fitting manner and issued a royal decree to his subjects to pay respects to the dead king. ]


    Vasu who is bought by NGOs should understand that King Elara wasn`t a Terrorist but the Schizophrenic Prabhakaran and LTTE are Terrorists.

    Has Vasu being paid to worship the Schizophrenic Prabhakaran by NGOs?

  • 19 Jul 2007 06:18:08 GMT

    [In a statement Mr. Nanayakkara said, `When King Elara was killed, King Dutugemunu did not hold festivities. He interred the remains of King Elara in a tomb in a fitting manner and issued a royal decree to his subjects to pay respects to the dead king.]

    King Dutu Gemunu did not celebrate the victory for reasons. As soon as he conquered Vijithapura, a second invasion was launched by the nephew of King Elara called Damila Bhalluka, and he (i.e. Dutu Gemunu) had to regroup his forces to confront the invading army at Mahathiththa (near Mannar).

    However, after he defeated the newly landed army, his followers celebrated the victory at the Royal Palace, even though King Dutu Gemunu did not find it comfortable for different reasons.

    Mahavansa have a very clear account about king Elara`s rule, and it is quite clear why King Dutu Gemunu chose to respect King Elara in that manner. If Mr. Nanayakkara has any doubts, he can read it and compare the rule of King Elara to that of God Prabhakaran.


  • 19 Jul 2007 08:45:50 GMT

    I think even close to 50 years of political experiance, Vasu can not argue something in a constructive way.

    Elara Dutugamunu war is in the history, 2000 years back. We should never try to do something today based on what we did in 2000 years back. So quoting from history is totally unncessary.

    Other thing is we should never compare king Elara with maniac, canibal Prabhakaran. King elara was a king of sri lanka whether he is a tamil or sinhalese and he and he never killed sinhalese people like maniac prabhkara did for last 30 years. So people had good feeling for king elara than what we feel about prabhakaran.

    Celebrating Thoppigala victory will demoralise LTTE and its tamil supporters, at the same time enhance the morale of security forces. Many tamils will sit back and try to think whether prabhakaran can bring them eelam and what other ways they can use their hard earned money.

  • 19 Jul 2007 08:53:44 GMT

    Well said Magha, muchalinda and dumindak,

    Why cant all these peacenics concentrate on the future. always bragging about ancient history. I just saw some peace NGOs `celebrating` the 1983 riots....I mean duh! whats there to celebrate in that? That was a dark chapter and its gone! its over 20 years old! Country has moved on since! Get a move on!