Women urge President to save Rizana`s life

  • 17 Jul 2007 19:29:21 GMT

    When our poor housemaids serve in this country these are the consequences they have to face. Just imagine this age of girls can better look after small baby of 4 months. This baby`s death may be an accident and we should not send this innocent Naffeek Rizana to jail or decide to kill.

  • 18 Jul 2007 00:08:06 GMT


    Thanks for the link.

  • 18 Jul 2007 03:05:48 GMT

    Appealing to the President is like appealing to the chief fox to guard the chickens

    Is it not becuase of this corrupt war that these polticians love that the SL economy is so weak that our women have to go to the MIddle East to work as slaves?

    But it is Raja Passa`s responsibility to save the life of this girl because he is responsible for her being there.

    Stop War! Moeny For Peoples Needs Not For War!

  • 18 Jul 2007 09:03:07 GMT

    Stupid and arrogant Saudis,

    This is an accident that any fool can understand except Saudi judges.

    Whole of the nation is corrupted because of the free oil resources.In a way I thanks for the western countries for intervention of their domination of the world.

    thanks and big THANKS

  • 18 Jul 2007 12:32:49 GMT


    Thanks for the link. Signed the petition.

    Hope the politicians get their act together and back this up strongly, irrespective of their race or religion.


  • 19 Jul 2007 01:41:21 GMT

    Please note the On Line petition is not an appeal to Mahinda Rajapaksa alias Motta Rala alias etc.

    Therefore, we all can sign.

    Thanks for the link Muni.

  • 19 Jul 2007 02:00:57 GMT

    Corrupt or not...stupid or not...if mr. president can use his influence to save this innocent kid`s life... he should

    pointless dragging every issue as directly related to war etc...

    Even in very well developed nations there are poor people. you can`t avoid it

  • 19 Jul 2007 05:38:59 GMT

    It is correct to say Muslim women in North and East have to go for slave work in overseas. It is no secret how they became victims of LTTE genocide, and continues to be, for the last three decades.