UNP in deal with Mangala to prune President`s powers

  • 15 Jul 2007 03:13:54 GMT

    The `backside` lovers party!


  • 15 Jul 2007 03:38:46 GMT

    SL tried Crossing a Buffalo (MR), a MONKEY (JVP) and a TIGER and failed Miserably. The result of this cross was a mentally retarded HYENA called `GAMIYA`! :) :) NOthing constructive happened.

    Now lets try crossing two gays (PERAs ex Ranil and MR ex Man-GALA) and see what happens :) :)

    Either way the days of Sri Rohana Sakk**illi Balla from that water hole in Hambanthota are numbered. At best, even if the Punnakku Balla clings on to power IT cant do much!! :) :)

    Mihindu Mihindu Mihindu Pak**ooo

    Rata Kapan PATTI GONO :) :)

  • 15 Jul 2007 06:53:35 GMT

    Anizam`s balls are on fire reading local politics!:)

    Get under the shower and cool it off man!RW AND MANGALA ARE TOO GAY TO DO SERIOUS POLITICS.

  • 15 Jul 2007 09:13:01 GMT

    UNP`s Grass root Supporter`s are throwing stones at `Sirikotha` against TRAITOR RANIL`s belittlement of the 3-forces....

    Is this the `Mangala magic` promised by ANUS-AM????

  • 15 Jul 2007 09:18:20 GMT

    Eksath Jathika Puk-Kolu Pakshaya!

    Symbol: ANUS

    National Organiser: ANUS-AM

  • 15 Jul 2007 09:24:49 GMT

    Ruhune Abhimanaya............Mahinda!

    Janatha Hithawatha...........Chamal!!

  • 15 Jul 2007 14:53:28 GMT


    I couldnt imagine what you are feeling right now. Ranil not only broke your heart, now he`s trying to make you jealous by going for Man-gala. I`ve only known you through this website, and all I can say is I like you so much better than Man-gala and I think you would be a better fit for Ranil than him. Eitherway, what I think won`t help your current situation. I know you don`t like sharing your `backside lovers` but I suggest you try and get yourself in on a threesome at least, because you might even like it. Man-gala might even bring you and Ranil closer together more than ever before. So stop being mad at Ranil and do something for yourself ok?

  • 15 Jul 2007 16:43:34 GMT


    For a person who lickes the `Diarrhea` filled rajaPASSA, your interest in my balls is appreciated. But dont worry about my balls. Just take of your mouth cos i cant even begin to imagine the after taste, you must be having :) :)

  • 15 Jul 2007 17:46:30 GMT

    Hi Anizam,

    R you still supporting Ranil? :)

    where is your friend Naleen? Has he stopped supporting the madayan-Ranil?

  • 15 Jul 2007 17:49:31 GMT

    Hey Kamani- what happened to you? Long time no see.

    NOt supporting RW anymore , but will support ANYONE (except for LTTE) to get rid of Punnakku Rala.

    I hope all is well with you :)

    PS: Naleen is now Shakthi! :)