Thoppigala through political glasses

  • 13 Jul 2007 06:03:14 GMT

    Whatever said and done,politicians will come and go.

    Sri lankans should understand the consequence for selecting politicians of mere agendas.

    Still too early to see what planes MR having in his mind.

    A issue pending about a hidden transaction with LTTE and many more uncertain comments from sections about a plan to keep north with LTTE.

    If GOSL want to take control North sincerely,then it should be a advance plan better to conquering Al quida or capturing Bin laden.

  • 13 Jul 2007 06:44:41 GMT

    Alfred Sen:

    Ranil is in the payroll of the Norwegians and so are the Tigers.

    Norwegiand stateoil company is willing to dole out to these two persons to enable them get their claws on power of the country. All what the Norwegians are interested is to get their hands on the natural resources GOSL posess in the NE & NW. Its in abundance.

    This is longterm Norway goal.

    They want Ranil to keep going as the head of the UNP ans ltte has failed but can support to propel the unp & Ranil. Those pro Ranil stooges are well oiled by Ranil through Norwegian funds so RW waits untill the leadership falls on his lap.

    Also, now, through Norwegian funds Pakiyasothy Saravanamuthtu of the Policy centre, Basil F`do of AHRC, are being activated along with AFP who are well oiled.

    Unless GOSL finish off the ltte completely in the sense disarm them completely and rescue the youth,Norway will continue to fund them long term to recover their costs which are at the moment excess money to them.

    Have you met up with Hilary.H, CC, Milan and company ???

  • 13 Jul 2007 07:21:44 GMT

    Ranil by discrediting values of Military Commitment,Whatever political leader ship governs the Country, lost the votes of 200,000. military and there families.

    RW is in MR`s payroll.

  • 14 Jul 2007 14:10:56 GMT

    RW & other self-centered politicians rather dance naked at Galle Face Green than making & barking at policies of the curent government!

    What a shame, regardless of UNP, PA or JVP or whatever, for petty political gains to question the achievement of the Security forces who sacrificed life & limb for none other than `US`!

    The very people who gain from the spilt blood of our innocent men and women!

    The least we could do is thank them 1st before questioning them!

  • 14 Jul 2007 21:47:40 GMT

    Government must make every effort to delelop East as faster as it can. Earlier many countries said they want to allocate more funds for North and East development. Now they have a chance to utilize so called funds, specially Norway, Japan, Germany and some Scandinavian countries.

  • 14 Jul 2007 22:00:54 GMT

    It is sad to see that most of the members of this forum seem to be pointing a finger at Ranil.Though Iam not a UNPer,due to the severity of the situation in the country we have to judge this objectively.It was during Prez. Wijethunge(UNP) that Major General Algama managed to clear the East and then all the battles in Vanni was run to a political agenda bled the country of it`s Military and the security forces,with ltte getting ever so bold and strong,losing mullitiuve and EP and to stop the carnage and as a damage control declared a CFA.This damaged the tigers badly where the diaspora funding was reduced due to the relative peace in the country,so was the carder enrollments and Karuna factor.Then the second step was inevitable military action to put the tigers in line,therefore winning this recent battle,even clearing up Vanni will not end our problems,as long as the tigers are in possession of vast sums of money as this money and the considerable support of the Diaspora will influence the future events for a long long time.To tackle this all parties must come together and meet these challenges and I am sorry to say that what Ranil said is right.Mr is doing a good job by giving the SF the help it needs,but much more has to be done and it is not wise to exploit this gain for political reasons as it will used for the benefit of the politicians to stay further in power to exploit the country.The politicians created these blunders and why should we praise them and we should praise the brave SF defending the country?

  • 15 Jul 2007 09:55:35 GMT


    Please don`t bluff... You love Traitor Ranil and that`s fine with us......

    Your interpretation of Mahinda making political Capital of the War is a result of your deep love for Traitor Ranil.....

    The Govt. has every right to celebrate the wiping out of the LTTE Terror from the East....In fact the Govt. is Dutybound to celebrate this Patriotic Achievment of our Galant Soldiers.....Do you expect the govt. also to behave like Traitor Ranil and say that wiping out LTTE Terror from the East is `No big Deal`?????

    We know that TRAITOR RANIL and You would love to sweep this victory under the carpet for political Reason`s...Traitor Ranil and you are both Trying hard but You all will never succeed........

    Govts. in power always gain popularity with Military Victories......This is becasue the President is the Commander in chief of the Armed Forces......Which is the case in Sri Lanka......

    Mahinda Rajapaksa has not interfered with the Military....So please learn to control your political frustrations and also control your jealousies.....You are deeply jealous that Mahinda, as Commaner in Chief of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, has gained popularity after a successful mission in the East......

    Well tooo Bad Justman........Traitor Ranil is a born Looser..and that`s that.

  • 15 Jul 2007 16:11:43 GMT


    Thanks for your wrong assumption about me liking Ranil.Time will tell who is right.Any way we are still free to debate in our country and in this forum.I am honestly telling you that I am no UNPer.People who know me will justify my claim.As I said before we are in a critical state in the country and toppigala is a small step but a very significant one and one must build on it,without stopping for celebrations etc,as the forces can`t for ever be on the war front as any battle hardened person will tell you that.We must unite for the better of the country and finish this problem once and for all.One can`t unite or get the co operation of the others by accusing the likes of Ranil or any other party who is not in the government and to do so is to go alone,thus weakening the front against the terror that is facing the nation.During the war in UK PM Churchill had Clement Attlee,from the opposing party as his deputy PM,just to unite the country in their hour of great need.We need the backing of the IC and the likes of Ranil to replace Kadir.We too need the backing of the JVP to keep the government machinery in check,as last time the government was battling the rebels corruption and other practices impeded war effort and some made money and now living abroad.Unity of parties is a must now.Don`t accuse people,if they with the best of intention point a finger at the government in power,if one think that something is wrong or not adequate and that`s our right and nothing treacherous about it.Personalities does not matter,but policy and the methods does.

  • 15 Jul 2007 19:20:03 GMT


    There is a truth in your claim that SLFP (former) always conducted war according to a political agenda. Also I don`t agree with the move to start celebrations on Phoppigala. It can be done in better way by compensating the families whose loved ones have scarified their lives for the cause

    But Don`t try to brainwash us by saying CFA was crafted to stop carnage. Truth is CFA was crafted by LTTE Norwegian fraction to rescue terrorist from post 2001 global anti terrorist wrath. Also don`t forget tigers had declared unilateral ceasefire twice during this period. All as survival tactics.

    So Ranil had nothing to craft CFA but accept as wholeheartedly because he didn`t no the meaning of national interest or what are the security implications forthcoming. Remember VP had signed the doc even before Ranil had seen it.

    You should not forget how tigers virtually blocked the entire Port city of Trincomalee during this period. According to security analysts tigers had managed to build more than 15 camps (Manirasakulam etc) surrounding the port(In less than one year of CFA) Did you forget about the greatest betrayal of millennium city followed by wiping out of entire intelligence hierarchy, Demarcation of Terrorist controlled areas, Giving diplomatic status to bloody terrorist all came as a package with CFA. These all happened with terrorists were being allowed to violate the socalled cease fire for more than 1000 times including suicide bombings, Child abductions, Arm smuglings etc. So your attempt to credit Ranil is only a unjust and stupid move.

  • 15 Jul 2007 19:56:38 GMT

    Haveyoursay Lokka,

    When karuna splited he had almost 6000 Eastern LTTE carders with him. Why he could not defend himself from mere hundreds of vanni carders? It is not because he didn`t want to but because he knew that he cannot survive among his own carders who are still loyal to Wanni fraction. Best thing he has done is to disband his carders and go underground to emerge as an invisible force.

    Had he continue with his same carders while fighting Vanni fraction either supporting or getting help from Government forces, we could have seen his ashes today.