Buffeted by the chill wind of political trouble

  • 2 Jul 2007 01:34:39 GMT

    Well said gamiya,

    SLFP has recovered but nor regain strength to face a Election.But MR has done his part.

    JVP in a mess but better than UNP.

    SB will never allow Mangala to join UNP.

    Also Mangala cannot join JVP.

    Finally he will end up like all deserters in the past.

    Karu group is popular and capable to face people.

    East is going to be a battle field for the most waited elections.

    Karuna is checking LTTE infiltrations and GOSL ignoring HR violations by Karuna,So when comes real relief to people in East.

    Anniversary of Mavilaru looks to be the date to capture Thoppigala ?

    Or at the rate of Bomb laden trucks reaching Colombo it`s

    going to bloody case.