A problem too serious to be tackled perfunctorily

  • 21 Jun 2007 06:48:22 GMT

    All primary schools should be within walking distance for students.Strict rules should be applied for grade one to grade five.

    The government city officers should have registration of all kids and work with education area office for grade one admissions.

    In other countries city office decide the school for small kids even kindergarten.Parents have nothing to say or worry.

    change of address also very simply updated.

    Documents of registrations of the address should be strictly checked and penalized for wrong ones with fines and jail terms.

    A scholarship from grade five will be all right for brighter students to popular schools.

  • 21 Jun 2007 11:55:02 GMT

    The ministry of education is just an organization to employ ministers.They may have the qualifications to hold such a post, but they don`t have the knowledge to run it.

    If they did, then this problem would not have occurred.

    The teachers training school, does the ministry have

    random inspections with notifying them? I don`t think so.

    They should have such random inspections in all school of

    all levels.Do they have seminars for all teachers? No! Never heard of it. Do they check on the short comings of

    the schools? No, again. Isn`t it bad to the health of the

    students and the teacher when the classroom has over 30

    students? Can one teacher handle a classroom of over 30 students? Are the school toilets maintained and repaired when needed? The tuck shop, are the foods served fit for

    human consumption?

    When I visited SL in January this year, I was ashamed when I saw these at some leading private colleges.

    Wonder if any cares? Where are the monies going that were

    allotted for these?

    Someone is not doing his/her job.But getting RICH!