Tiran allowed leave to proceed with FR plea

  • 19 Jun 2007 11:08:35 GMT

    What can the Police do ? If they refuse a ministers` order

    the poor guy will end up in the North front line.They Supreme Court should ask the Police as to who gave the order.They always arrest,harass and degrade the people who

    are forced to the dirty work of the politicians!

  • 19 Jun 2007 12:01:44 GMT

    Police can use one`s own initative to uphold good public relations and they simply can`t blame the politicians and their own superior officers.I go to Kandy,twice a year that includes the perahara and it`s too obvious that the Police use their authority in a very unreasonable way.Examples are too much to enter here and here are some.They body search the poor villages on feet,while people in cars and buses are not searched,once they humiliated a road sweeper carrying is dinner home,forced him to tear open his transparent bag full of food,3 months ago,with some monks they raided a church and evicted the 2 coffins of an elderly couple who tragically died in a motor car accident.I was not allowed to get to my house,only 20 yards away from the barricade that was created for the perahara that was going on 200yards away and there was no reason at all for their refusal,though I explained to them that I have just returned from Colombo after a very busy and tiring business trip.Then the next date MR`s son happen to be in Kandy with a bus load of rugger players and this bus was deliberately parked in the shopping centre,dislodging the poor 3 wheeler drivers from their pitch and I appeal to the police in plainclothes that the 3 wheelers have only a few hours to make a living,and that was denied to them by bringing this bus.The people was so furious that they shouted at the police,asking Prabakaran to give them justice.This very incident says much about the state of affairs in the country.When Mr Kadiragamar died during the same perahara time ,he being a friend of us and person educated in our collage,we put a big white flag and I was asked by a SSP serving in the NW,on perahara duty to remove it,hearing this the local monk of the SU visited me as to what happened and I had to be blunt with him,saying that the Independence we got since the Kandian convention is been lost under our own native rule,as we are going back to the dark ages of period before the `Independence of 1815`I too have been referring to the times of Kandy perahara that has been open to the public by governor Manning(go to maligawa and see this event on the wall painting),as the roads in Kandy was created for the people by the British,so was the Perahara,which is been slowly strangled and made it into a private affair by the people at the top,thus making the shortest route by way of their connections who sold seats at a exorbitant rates,while the poor villager is not told of it`s route,due to security and I saw to myself the a group of 20 or poor villages was not allowed in by the police to enter the Perahara area due to security,though the perahara has not started and I had to argue with the police as these folks have walked over 15 miles to see this event,as as a result of this argument,I was not allowed to enter my house.Our people with clout and authorities,once in power have no consideration and compassion and the security forces seems to reflect that and we are all at the receiving end.

  • 19 Jun 2007 20:23:13 GMT

    All the power to him. But is he pushing his luck? How far is he away from the white van?

    [[Minister of Nation Building ruins the Nation!

    ? Sarath N. Silva, Chief Justice

    (20th June 2007 - 00:05 S.L.T) ]]