The Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations - [Reproduced here on a special request made by our LNP friend MURU, this article (web site) was first found by our friend MAGHA.]

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    Very interesting article, an eye opener to many!

    [The Bengali contribution is 25.41%, the Tamil (India) contribution is 69.86%, and the Veddah contribution is only 4.73%. Thus the Sinhalese have a predominantly Tamil (India) contribution followed by the Bengalis and the Veddahs]

    i thought Sinhalese race had predominantly Kerala origins.

  • 18 Jun 2007 21:14:18 GMT

    What about the relationship between Indian Tamil/Veddah/Australian Aborigenes/Eastern African ???

    They definitely come from a more anciant common people, suggested to be the Lemurians...

    But i agree with this article, Sinhalas and Sri lanka Tamils are close(st) brothers !

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    [i thought Sinhalese race had predominantly Kerala origins.


    Perhaps true. However, rememeber that prior to 7th century, Malayalam was not spearte language from Tamil and in the Ancient S.India, there was no difference.

    In fact one the Tamil Mooventhar - Cheran and the Chera nadu was more or less the contemperory Kerala. Malayalis - were the Tamils from Malai - Malyavar.

    It was subsequently being closer to the Asokan Empire the Tamil of Chera Nadu got corrupted and the scripts got corrupted by Parkrit and Sanskrit.


  • 19 Jun 2007 22:10:58 GMT

    Kula anna

    [Perhaps true. However, rememeber that prior to 7th century, Malayalam was not spearte language from Tamil and in the Ancient S.India, there was no difference]

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I thought that Tamil and Malayalam diverged much earlier.

  • 23 Jun 2007 10:18:10 GMT

    [By studying the Sri Lankan Tamils, one can see that the Sinhalese, the Bengalis, and the Indian Tamils can be considered ancestral populations. The contribution of the Sinhalese to the Sri Lankan Tamils is 55.20%. Similarly, the Bengali contribution is 28.17% and that of the Indian Tamils is 16.63%. The results indicate a predominant influence of the Sinhalese (who already have a high contribution from the Indian Tamils) and the Bengalis to a lesser extent.] This study supports the theory proposed by Prof K.Indrapala about the South India-Sri Lanka (SISL) gene pool that goes back to the mesolithic times.

    Lula did you ever get the Leslie Gunawardana book you were talking about before?