Lankans sentenced to death

  • 15 Jun 2007 04:43:54 GMT

    It is reliably learned that the two Slankans were from Hambantota.

  • 15 Jun 2007 04:48:17 GMT

    [habits learned from their mother land ??]

    Yeah .... in every case ..... the blame goes to the mothers (or mother lands - in this case). Very easy right ?? These types of pundiths are every ware.

    Some people somehow seems to find a connection in every incident they hear to an object they `love` to criticize.

    If You have done a mistake, its your fault. Don`t blame others. (specially your mother or mother land)

  • 16 Jun 2007 02:16:20 GMT

    The Saudis are real bastards.

  • 16 Jun 2007 02:17:09 GMT

    Regi: traitor

  • 16 Jun 2007 09:41:46 GMT

    Only sentenced, now it`s Keheliya`s turn get them released.

    In Srilanka 3000 people died in last few months.

    So 3000 to be sentenced to death ?

    going to be a festival.

  • 16 Jun 2007 17:52:50 GMT

    Just like the LTTE.There is no KING in the Islamic world.

    Theses bastards are US and UK puppets! Are they really MUSLIMS?

  • 17 Jun 2007 07:28:32 GMT

    [Regi: traitor ]

    Yes! Reflection of reality is highly traitorous in SL.

  • 17 Jun 2007 08:41:54 GMT

    In our country, unfortunately there isn`t a proper law, most of the criminals who were sentenced to death in the past just served a few years in prison and then got released where as in countries like Saudi Arabia, capital punishment for criminals is the law of that country and we cannot blame them.

  • 17 Jun 2007 17:31:30 GMT

    [ At least some where they paying the price for the habits learend from their mother land ?? ]

    In one sense, yes. When LTTE youths were attacked by villagers at Bindunuweva, the villagers were carrying primitive weapons, for example, axes. Even relative to the LTTE itself, when they attacked Sinhalese border villages, these LTTE literally sliced open and dismembered the victims. It is a very primitive way of fighting. However, it is still alive and well in Sri Lanka, not to mention, the equally primive mindset is also there among certain sections of the lower classes. Only education and economic prosperity can solve this problem.

  • 17 Jun 2007 21:14:44 GMT

    [Theses bastards are US and UK puppets!]

    Mmmhhh.. It remind Sri lanka ! Are not Singhala government US and UK puppets ????

    If no, why not ??