Officers` lives compromised by UNP statements - Chief Government Whip

  • 9 Jun 2007 00:57:06 GMT

    Using Parliametary Priviledge to attack officials and Public servants is disgraceful and cowardly..

    When TRAITOR RANIL exposed the Millenium City issue and publicized the list of intelligence officers, they were taken away one by one by the TRAITOR RANIL-NORWAY-TIGER alliance. Over 60 intelligence officers were killed after TRAITOR RANIL sabotaged the deep penetration unit of the SLA and Sacrificed our cadres.

  • 9 Jun 2007 01:02:33 GMT

    Parliament is not the Forum to make Slanderous and Malicious attacks on public officials..

    Criticizing a Parliamentarian, a Minister, PM or President in Parliament is fine. But personally attacking security officers and public officials in Parliament is way below the belt. The CID must now fully investigate Lakshman Seneviratne about his speech.

    These are all signs of UNP`s extreme political frustration and desperation under TRAITOR RANIL`s Leadership.

    The present day UNP has no bottom line...

  • 9 Jun 2007 01:57:03 GMT

    Criticizing public servants who abuse their powers is not disgraceful or cowardly.Lakshman Senveviratnes speech made in Parliament would be covered by Parliamentary Privileges and cannot be subject to a CID investigations.Further exposing those who act above the law is the duty of the opposition.

  • 9 Jun 2007 02:28:16 GMT

    The speaker of the Parliament decided that it was not correct to have published the names of public officials in the Hansard and has ordered a revision of the Hansard. Lakshman S and Yamunal cannot be allowed to interpret the standing orders of the Sri Lanka Parliament.

    The Govt. was too slow to move on this issue. Govt MP`s should have demanded this much earlier.. Any way, Better late than never.

    Any way it`s very good to see YamunaL defending Lakshman Seneviratne.

    Public officials cannot be part of parliamentary debates and therefore should not be attacked inside Parliament. Lakshman S. should have attacked the Defence Minister if he wanted. Not Public officials... It is way below the belt.

    Parliament can appoint a Select Comittee and any public official can be required to testify before the select commitee. That`s a possibility. But attacking public officials inside the chamber, in the well of the house when parliament is in session is way below the belt and is not done in any democracy...

  • 9 Jun 2007 02:33:57 GMT

    Parliamentarians are not above the law. They can be investigated by the CID. The speaker should be informed and Lakshman S. must be thoroughly investigated by the CID.

  • 9 Jun 2007 02:37:17 GMT

    Anything said in Parliament is privileged.

  • 9 Jun 2007 02:48:53 GMT

    Well Done Laxman Sene.. You did NOTHING wrong. LTTE already knowns who is responsible for what. You did not endanger anyone. Fight against the Corrupt PUNNAKKAU balla. The whole country supprts you. Dont worry about the PUNNAKKU balla and his Brain dead Supporters.

    [ The speaker should be informed and Lakshman S. must be thoroughly investigated by the CID.]

    Moda moosalayo - there is NOTHING to inform the Speaker. The speaker knowns exactly what happened.

    We should first investigate the Helping hambanthota Scandle and how the RajaPASSA Mafia family is making money out of Kidnapping people!!

    MR and his Brothers are The BIGGEST Crooks in Asia. They have to be stopped. So no matter what the Parliamentary Previledges say. To hell with those. Just stop the PUNNAKKU balla and his family.

    Sri Rohana PUNNAKKU balla Banga Weva!


    Im going to enjoy the response im going to get for this!! :)

  • 9 Jun 2007 03:53:42 GMT

    PENIS-AM Nana is still barking about helping Hambantota while Rajitha Senaratne and most of the UNP MP`s who brought these allegations have join the Govt...

    Supreme Court (ie: the same court that ordered a Presidential Election after TRAITOR RANIL`s Jana Baka Meheyuma) has cleared Mahinda Rajapaksa of all charges..

    PRESIDENT RAJAPAKSA will be Re-Elected President in the 2011 elections as well....

    PENIS-AM`s TRATOR RANIL will be defeated once again no matter How hard PENIS-AM tries...

  • 9 Jun 2007 03:58:53 GMT

    Let us not forget that the Speaker is UNP.

    SPEAKER Lokubandara has no respect for TRAITOR RANIL any more. The speaker has ordered a revision of the Hansard and Lakshman Seneviratne`s speech has been expunged from the Hansard..

    SPEAKER is going against his own UNP collegue in Badulla..

    Speaker too is with the GOvt now.

  • 9 Jun 2007 04:01:24 GMT

    What a sad and Pathetic state of affairs in the Grand Old UNP... How sad.

    TRAITOR RANIL is ruining the UNP beyond belief and PENIS-AM is whitewashing the TRAITOR