Buddha Head candles: Waxen ignorance wrapped in commercialism

  • 7 Jun 2007 17:41:19 GMT

    Dear Lion55

    These Buddha candles are not meant for people who are jealous or angry at the Buddha to burn them! That is sadly a very ridiculous proposition and clearly shows the insecurity held by some fervent religious observers. In fact, most people purchase such candles for decorative purpose and don`t even burn them. Even if they do burn them - what is our problem?

    If we are offended by the production of Buddha head candles, then just don`t buy it! In a free market economy- yes there are products that are produced which may offend or shock us. But as long as they are not forced down out throats (quite unlike the ideologies of modern day religious extremists of all faiths that try to force down their religions down our throats) then why bother our time with such petty issues?

    The commercialisation of the Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Muhammed or any other religious icon is the right of the individual or commercial entity to do so. Religion is a personal issue and how an individual entity or business views a particular religion is also an issue of their own - with the right to deal with it anyway they wish to. As long as an individual or business does not damage a religious premise that belongs to someone else, then it is no one`s business what an individual does with his own money against his own product or property. The Buddha, Jesus, Prophet Muhammed, the Hindu dieties and other religios icons are no one`s private property to dictate to others how these icons should be treated, handled or respected. They are icons that are public figures and just like how we may use or abuse our other public icons in the modern day, these same religious icons cannot hold any position higher and as such will be treated as such. Our own personal moral beliefs or opinions regarding this are different. We have no right to enforce our morality on another.

  • 7 Jun 2007 18:46:31 GMT

    It isn`t worse than the degrading behaviour of JHU. Bhuddha `head` is used to make profits by boosting their candle sales. Buddha`s teachings will never get devalued by these commercial ex-ploitation or desecration but surely Sri Lankan Mission in London must be ashamed of the behaviour of many Buddhist monks in yellow robes.

  • 7 Jun 2007 19:05:44 GMT

    Why look at everything from the negative point of view?

    Doesn`t this give free advertisement for Buddhism?

  • 7 Jun 2007 21:30:03 GMT

    Nirupam and DVLADV I completely agree with you! Well said!

  • 8 Jun 2007 02:12:50 GMT

    Filthy British capitalists!

    I wonder how Osama would have reacted if they had done something similar. The cowardly suddas should thank their stars Buddhism is a non-violent philosophy.

  • 8 Jun 2007 02:25:00 GMT


    I hope you also sell your mother to suddha As long as it gives you a money.

  • 8 Jun 2007 02:26:11 GMT

    We already have another article about this. So why we are reopening it? This is my reply to all of you.

    It is amazing to see that all of us getting riled up due to a candle.(including myself)

    Buddha said to avoid the senseless talk.

    1. Words spoken at the wrong time

    2. Words that contain untruth or exaggeration

    3. Words that bring no benefit

    4. Words that threaten the listener`s self-discipline

    So I think we all should close this argument

  • 8 Jun 2007 12:29:37 GMT

    Well said Kankun!

    There are certain members here who`s posts are limited to pure racist filth. I think we have seen and had had enough of all of that.

    Case closed.

  • 8 Jun 2007 12:58:18 GMT

    Can anybody understand the extent to which these Buddhists are INSECURE,reading the arguments placed before me.

    [WHEN YOU DO NOT MIND YOUR RELATIVES PHOTO IN NUDE,SAYING IT IS NOT HER, HOW COME THE CANDLE IS Lord Buddha??? Isn`t it just wax!! At the end of year many people throw away the calendars with picture of either Buddha, Jesus or Murugan.

    My dear, it is your conscience that determines what is GOD.



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    Do not try to side track from my question. Answer it.

    If you won`t let any one to deface the dead body of your father on moral grounds even though that dead body is not your father, why cannot Buddhist protest against those candle manufacturers on the same moral grounds.

    BTW, I did not mean that I would not mind people publishing nude photos of my relatives. I think you have either misread that or I have not made myself clear.

  • 8 Jun 2007 13:31:51 GMT


    Please bring Lord Buddha`s dead body before me and earn the right to place this question before me. I will answer appropriately.

    Please don`t just waste my time arguing over a piece of wax mould. It is clearly not Lord Buddha; he has given you a beacon of light to your darkened mind. Act wisely as said.

    It is just wax.