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LTTE claymore attack on Cbo bound train injures four
Thursday, 7 June 2007 - 10:27 AM SL Time

The Colombo bound Batticaloa train was hit by a claymore mine blast between Punani and Welikanda around 7 a.m. yesterday resulting in the derailment of the engine and three compartments. Four passengers were injured.

In the melee, that ensued, a Police constable, attached to Wellawatte Fraud Bureau, jumped out of the train carrying his child and stepped on a land mine injuring his leg.

On noticing the constable`s plight six soldiers and five police constables, who were providing security to the train, shouted at the passengers not to alight from the train. A subsequent examination of the area revealed that several anti-personnel mines had been planted on either side of the track throughout the length of the train. Had the mines gone undetected the result would have been disastrous.

`The train had just pulled out of the Valaichenai station and was gathering speed when there was a big blast on the middle of the track ahead of the engine. I reduced speed and applied the brakes when the second mine blasted just ahead of the engine and the engine was derailed` driver of the train Thiruchittampalam Selvam told the Valiachenai Police.

Train No 6082 left Batticaloa at 5.35 am and the incident occurred at the 181st mile post at 7.05 am, Valaichenai OIC CI Priyanka Wijenayake told The Island. He said policemen and soldiers were immediately deployed to clear the anti-personnel mines buried on either side of the track. Wijenayake said there were signs that there had been mortar fire on the rail track prior to the incident.

Soon after the incident Police and Army launched a combined search operation.

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Joined: Feb 2007
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7 Jun 2007 05:36:01 GMT  Report for Abuse   
This incident would have been much worse if the people panicked and ran out of the train.

Had the mines gone undetected the result would have been disastrous

It is very clear that this is a well laid out trap.
Edited By - sapu777 - 7 Jun 2007 05:37:11 GMT
Joined: Jan 2006
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7 Jun 2007 07:52:36 GMT  Report for Abuse   
I'm sure ltte was precision targetting the army providing security to this train and not the passengers...
Maybe LTTE bootlicking SWET can come and claim this was done by sldf to 'discredit' ltte... bloody morons...
no wonder not a single SWET has commented on this :)
Senior Member

Joined: Feb 2005
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7 Jun 2007 08:28:21 GMT  Report for Abuse   

I second too. This is GOSL act, carried out to *DISCREDIT* the No 1 ruthless, SUPER DEMOCRATIC out fit in the world- the LTTE.

LTTE is so SUPER democratic to such an extent that ENTIRE WORLD is going to BAN this INNOCENT terrorists outfit.

LTTE TERRORISTS know nothing other than killing, killing & killing.

Joined: Dec 2006
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7 Jun 2007 10:16:05 GMT  Report for Abuse   
This is the way Velupillei Pirabahan seeks for liberation of his nation. The song about VP sung by little Tamil girls

'Engal annan Pirabha..haran....
Blood thirsty, flesh greedy Pirabha..haran...
Villege's black sheep, Nation's enemy Pirabhaharan...
VVT's fool, 'Yalpanam madayan' Pirabhaharan...
Engal annan Pirabha..haran...
Tamils' enemy - Tamils' enemy Pirabhharan...
Yalpanam madayan - Yalpanam madayan Pirabhaharan...
Engal madayan -
Mitcham periya madayan, Pirabha..haran...///
Edited By - Lion55 - 7 Jun 2007 11:39:37 GMT
Joined: Mar 2005
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8 Jun 2007 01:22:34 GMT  Report for Abuse   
LTTE must stop these types of third party work. What they want to cahieve by doing these types of work?.
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