Chinese arms, radar for Sri Lanka military

  • 4 Jun 2007 17:52:18 GMT

    More kick backs too.

  • 4 Jun 2007 17:57:13 GMT

    [Article: Chinese arms, radar for Sri Lanka military]

    India should not allow it!

    [More worries for LTTE ]


  • 4 Jun 2007 17:57:47 GMT

    I am worried about the colombo government embarrassing the Indians

    Indians always helped when sl asked for it. Why do this now.

  • 4 Jun 2007 17:58:49 GMT

    This is the Rajapakse family business. He doesnt care what the world thinks. He is here to make money for the family as fast as he can at anyone`s cost.

  • 4 Jun 2007 17:59:36 GMT

    [India should not allow it!]

    Tigeress`s (boot?)licking power... 25 years+ but still going at full swing!

    Oh my Load!

  • 4 Jun 2007 18:00:58 GMT

    Chinese Arms..

    Gothamba will be the next richest man in the world..

    good commission..

    Chinese Radars..

    Buy one and take two free..

    Collect all the scrap metals..

    Final resting place for this items..LTTE hands..Lols

  • 4 Jun 2007 18:03:37 GMT

    [being routed through a company owned by Sri Lanka`s defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapakse]

    These made-up fatcs in made-up stories. What I know is it is a GOVERNMENT OWNED company, and any profits go back to welfare of soldiers. From these money only they are constructing 2000 houses in Anuradhapura for soldiers and a state-of-the-art school for children of forces....

  • 4 Jun 2007 18:05:46 GMT

    [More worries for LTTE]

    Of course, How LTTE will store these weapons when it captures them. Too much weapons are pouring in through SLA.


  • 4 Jun 2007 18:08:14 GMT

    It is very clear that in future, India can not stay idle.

    Either they have to sell military equipments to SL or keeps quite.

    Stay in the middle is not a option.

  • 4 Jun 2007 18:10:43 GMT

    Plenty of money available to spend

    [Sri Lanka is the most militarised state in South Asia. Sri Lanka`s defence expenditure as a percentage of its GDP is the largest not only in the South Asian region, but overall in the world. Reports indicate that defence expenditure has gone up to Rs. 100 billion a year and is set to increase further, given the new dimension the war has taken in the recent weeks. In the last decade, Sri Lanka has spent almost Rs. 400 billion on defence as a result of the conflict. ]

    Some money is wasted can be saved though not significant

    [At the same time however, the expenditure for education for the year 2005 was a mere Rs. 26 billion, whilst for the same year for the entire health service it was Rs. 30 billion. Just imagine if the money spent on arms purchases was diverted to health and education. Whilst Sri Lanka boasts that 90% of its population is literate, a deeper analysis shows that a majority of our children do not have access to good schools, school text books and sufficient numbers of qualified teachers. It is the same for health services. Our hospitals are over crowded and citizens suffer enormously in obtaining proper health services. Often pregnant mothers have to wait in line to be admitted. There is a shortage of hospital beds for patients. Still, it is the very same citizens, who bear the cost of these arms purchases. The figures given below give a very graphic picture of the staggering increase in military expenditure in Sri Lanka for the period 1983 -8211; 2007]