UTHR calls for international HR monitoring mission

  • 1 Jun 2007 23:17:14 GMT

    What is the purpose of having international HR monitoring mission in north when escalating violence. Do you think SLMM, which comprises monitors from scandinavian countries, monitored the ceasefire correctly?. You can bring these monitors by giving large sum of money but their work is insignificant to the country.

  • 2 Jun 2007 00:35:00 GMT


    The SLMM is not funded by the Sri Lankan government but by the main co-chairs of what onces was the Sri Lankan peace process.

    What we need to understand is that at the moment Sri Lanka is facing a large humanitarian crisis. We have almost 700,000 internally displaced persons. This is a population the size of the city of Colombo. People living largely in massive refugee camps whose survival is being funded largely by the United Nations and Red Cross. You don`t get to see these pictures in mainstream Sri Lankan media because journalists are not given access into the refugee camps - but if you`ve seen refugee camps in Darfur Sudan on your tv screen - then you`ll know exactly what I`m talking about.

    Secondly, this whole rhetoric on national sovereignty is what is commonly used by dictatorial regimes who try to find a means away from responsibility for their national crimes. By accepting the sovereignty rhetoric of our corrupt leaders then we are also accepting their argument that our lives are in their hands. The theory of sovereignty gives unlimited control over the citzenry by the state. This principle is fortunately not accepted in the scale it was before. More than States - what is important are PEOPLE. My life is what`s important to me and the welfare of my people. I want my life protected against all that is against it`s interests - including the Sri Lankan state. The only safeguards we all have are international human rights which protect all individuals irrespective of nationality. Today, we value human life and freedom much more than any commitment to any state or polity.

    At this moment, millions of Sri Lankans away from Southern Sri Lanka are going through numerous hardships and complete disrespect for their human rights. At the same time hundreds of Southern Sri Lankans have been victims of kidnappings, murders and detentions that are due to political reasons. The Sri Lankan state has interfered into the rights of her citizenry over and beyond it`s prescribed right to. When this happens, international safeguard mechanisms come in to protect the citizenry. To be a true patriot you must be patriotic to your people. Not to your government. If our people are suffering, getting kidnapped, being tortured - then it`s time we do something to protect them and ourselves. It could be you or me next.

  • 2 Jun 2007 12:56:34 GMT


    Fantastic! I fully agree with you but the problem is effective implementation of such a monitoring mission as mentioned by Saliya.

    If it is to be done through the GoSL then the outcome would be any ones` guess.ie SLMM. If such a monitoring mission is given autonomous powers to independantly carry out their monitoring then it will be effective.ie. go about anywhere, any time with no restrictions such as obtaining GoSL clearence etc etc. I doubt it happening that way unless overwhelming international preassure is brought on the GoSL to see that it works that way.

  • 3 Jun 2007 06:13:24 GMT

    UTHR is like EPDP: talking a lot of hot air about things it cant get any support for from the tamils living in sri lanka. the UTHR should seriously think about who it represents. at the moment the LTTE has put a warrant on Hoole and co.

    i bet hoole and his commy comrades were all for the LTTE back in the day the `boys` were winning. now that the dog has turned to bite their behinds its another story. the govt and no self respecting sri lankan, tamil or sinhala, should listen to these HR espousing hypocrites.

    i hope hoole gets a bullet to the head. that goes for all the other peace loving hypocrites out there.

  • 4 Jun 2007 01:05:14 GMT

    Thank you Kiwikanga

    Yes I completely agree with you! An international human rights mission to Sri Lanka should be governed by International and United Nations Laws and not by the Government of Sri Lanka.

    If such a mechanism is to be established, it could only result out of a United Nations Resolution in favour of setting up such a mechanism. Once the United Nations General Assembly or Security Council agrees to setting up of such a mechanism, international law would take precedence over national law and the Government of Sri Lanka would be obliged to accept the mission or else face sanctions.

    As for members like j2k6 who clearly espouse violence, it is sad that we continue to have a citizenry deeply obssessed by guns and other violent means of living. Of course, most of these citzenry live well and peacefully in Southern Sri Lanka whilst dictating violent terms to the Northern part irrespective of the large numbers of what should be their own people that would die as a result. This it self shows the hypocrisy of the people that espouse violence and that of j2k6. If you want the North East so badly, why propose policies that will likely result in the killing and displacing of hundreds of thousands of your own people? Is it the plants, trees and sand of the North East you want so badly or the people that truly make it a country?

    Clearly your lack of self respect has resulted in you posting such a vile and debased message.

  • 4 Jun 2007 08:37:31 GMT

    Institutionalised Racism

    [UTHR is also particularly concerned about evidence of interference with magistrates, through executive control of the Judicial Services Commission, to suppress effective investigation of human rights violations.


    In civilised countries the judges are the custodians of justice and the rights of individuals.

    In Sri Lanka Supreme Court judges with no Tamil represetation (Tamils are comprised of 18% of the population) justifies Sinhala extremism and protect those kill Tamils (Bindunuwewa massacre).

  • 4 Jun 2007 09:34:29 GMT


    There have been tamils in the Supreme Court the last being Justice Wigneswaran, At the moment there is Justice Siripavan and Justice Sri Skandaraja in the Court of Appeal. Do not forget there are so many judges in the MC,DC and HC who are tamils at the moment. There have been Chief Justices who have been tamils. The former Attorney General was also a Tamil and ranked equal to a Supreme Court Judge. It`s not that tamils are discriminated being not allowed into the higher ranks in the judiciary. That is wrong.

  • 4 Jun 2007 12:57:03 GMT


    Biologists say that once dinosaurs inhabited this globe.

    Tamils are removed from all sorts of professions and gradually pushed to the North and East. There too Sinhalese army/ Navy are stationed to keep control on the minorities. In the Security Forces there is only 0.01% of Tamils. There are many explanations that depend on the spinning skill of the spokesmen but not on the facts.

    Ther is also expalnations on why the first PM preferred to colonise the East and North (dry Zones) in preferance to the fertile and natural Wet Zones of the supreme race. Minorities see it as a well organised and planned scheme ie to implement the honest agenda of the JHU, that this country is only for Sinhala Buddhists..

  • 4 Jun 2007 13:35:40 GMT


    My response to you concerned your baseless allegation against purported racism in the judiciary.

  • 4 Jun 2007 13:44:37 GMT


    If you cannot see I cannot help. There is racism in every walk of life and Supreme Court is no exception.

    The some verdicts:

    1. P-TOMS is illegal

    2. Merge of North-East is illegal

    3. The presidential Commission of Inquiry monitored by the International Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) is ineffective as. recent action by the politicised judiciary barring accessing evidence and reports

    4. Freeing all the accused (police and soldiers) in leting and watching Bindunuwewa masacre of Tamil youths.