The Global Peace Index rankings: Some musings

  • 1 Jun 2007 12:09:45 GMT

    `....But, in Sri Lanka, the Eagle is cooing like a dove!`

    That`s because Sri Lanka has no Oil!

    Lankaawata thel thibuna nam balanna thibuna Americaawey sathya karunaawa!!

  • 1 Jun 2007 17:22:39 GMT

    Mike1 - are you living in a world of dillusion? Can you not see what is happening to our country? I would`nt have been surprised if we were placed last in this index. I`ve never been more insecure about the situation in our country in my 22 years of existense (well probably after the JVP chaos).

    Although my government of choice, the UNP, failed to win the elections, I had faith in this so called president and faith in his government. I had always planned to go back to SL after my studies and contribute to the betterment of the economy. Right now, I feel like I wont be able to take the utter mismanagement of every part of our economy starting from the mis-use of aid to the state of the roads! (welll its an endless list).

    To all PA supporters - I am all against eelam and splitting our country and I am all for killing every single LTTE recruit starting from Prabha. But can you not see that the current president cannot defend us? He`s allowed the terrorists to fly over our capital and bomb any target at will. We are losing this war!! We cannot live in denial anymore, we `are` losing this war! or atleast we cannot win it.

    I never thought I`d say this but the best solution for every single Sri Lankan is to come to a compromise and share the land win the LTTE murderers. UNP realised this half a decade ago. This government will never realise this.

    Open your eyes people! We are managed by a bunch of incompetent brats. Do not vote for this government anymore, I beg you on behalf of my country.

  • 1 Jun 2007 17:31:23 GMT

    Well, Ranil was smarter but who cares. If there was peace for 2 more years, LTTE would have disintegrated on their own or would have turned into a proper political outfit both of which would have been to the country`s good. Well, since most of the people cant see beyond their nose, we have a president who can make them dance to his tune, all for his (and not to forget his family`s)benefit. All in the name of terrorism and LTTE, for ever.

  • 1 Jun 2007 18:09:07 GMT

    [The US wants terrorism wiped out wherever it manifests itself. It is supporting Israel`s military offensives against Hezbollah and has thrown its weight behind the Lebanese government to help it keep the Islamic insurgents at bay ]

    US has a vested interest in supporting Israel in whatever it does. US also supported Sri Lanka and urged EU to proscribe LTTE and advised SL govt that 5-decade old ethnic problem be solved. This problem was there even before LTTE was founded and Prabakaran born. IC knows the history and trying to fool them will end up fooling ourselves.

    Comparing Islamic terrorism with armed conflict in Palestine or Sri Lanka exposes one`s ignorance.

    US also wants friendly countries not to persecute minorities under the pretext of fighting `terrorism`. After all while negotiations were going on to find a solution to the Northeren Irish problem the political reps of `terrorist` IRA were entertained at the White House by both Presidents Clinton and Bush.

  • 2 Jun 2007 08:14:07 GMT


    Welcome with your first post although you are supposed to have joined in September last.

    Your comments are appearing to be the very truthful but too innocent to go without redicule and hence some elderly musings.

    We are a nation, right now at the pinnacle of idiocy created and instilled more than half a century ago. Deception, lies and ch eatings have become sine qua non for political success in our country. The chess pit of politics is overflowing with worms and gomiyas and these creatures are drifting and straying into this forum as well. You will notice that filthiest insults are traded for arguments. Just imagine a portion of the idiots proclaiming to have discovered the third or the unique gender of RW and publish such private frustration in this public forum pretending to logically argue out a political opinion. Such is our idiocy insulting one own self in filth by publishing a private and unethical affair.

    [ Do not vote for this government anymore, I beg you on behalf of my country. ]

    As for your good piece of advice, all I can say is that right now the the efforts by the Administration is to do away with elections with the Rajapakshe clan at the helm both in politics and economics and it appears that this effort is well on the way to success. It is hoped/feared we would be the next Burma in the region.