More alarm bells over telecom deal: Maxis eyeing even Govt. shares

  • 28 May 2007 04:35:55 GMT

    Vamp.. Don`t forget the history! By persecuting the jews Hitler failed to make use of Einstein! He brought great disaster to the whole Germany!! Even now the Germans are indirect slaves to the US.... Very soon.. Sri Lankans will end up to such a situation if racists like you influence this great nation. Very sad! What a racist you are :(

  • 28 May 2007 04:51:09 GMT

    [What a racist!]

    Fat Lady,

    You find vamp`s comment as racist.

    How many singhalese has shares in Jafna businesses.Do you know how many Singhalese were in Jafna doing Business earlier. All are chased away. Now can you even go there and stand on the road for a job. No Singhalese can even think of any money making oportunity there.

    For you all that is not racist. Comment of Vamp is racist.

  • 28 May 2007 06:44:23 GMT

    Fat Lady,Judge 2007,

    Who are racist ?

    Why do Sinhalese/Muslims chased from North and east ? You Fellows encourage LTTE to do ethnic cleansing which is turning to a all Tamil issue, Civilians are harassed and chased to India,Kids are taken to guerrilla war fare,civil life is disturbed and generations of Tamils are killed.

    It`s a Day dream Tamil Eelam.

  • 28 May 2007 07:42:14 GMT

    [By persecuting the jews Hitler failed to make use of Einstein! He brought great disaster to the whole Germany!! Even now the Germans are indirect slaves to the US.... Very soon.. Sri Lankans will end up to such a situation]

    Mr.Judge 2007,

    Why you are just converting facts, to prove your point?

    What is the disaster today to the Germany?

    Who are the most technically advance nation in the world?

    How rich they are economically and how stable they are politically?

    If Germany is suffering now as slaves of U.S.A, who are we?

    Masters to USA?

    As a Judge please spend your time with Kasippu cases.

  • 28 May 2007 08:59:47 GMT

    [Security clearance has been asked for due to Krishnan`s family ties with Jaffna, once the stronghold of Tamil Tiger rebels]

    So just because he was born in Jaffna/or has some connection with Jaffna and he is a tamil, he has no right to do business in slanka.

    This is typical stupid Slankan sinhalase buddisht bonker mentality.

    Slanka should be proud of this guy who made it to the 4th richest man in south/Far east Asia. If he was born in India he would have been given an honorary passport and invited to dine with the president and PM. He would be hailed as an Indian hero. He would be invited to do business in India and given all concessions to do so.

    But in Slanka he needs defence clearance, and the clearning of JVP/JHU and the rest who does not know a thing about business or economy.

    As slankans, we all should be proud when the shares of SLT are owned by Slankans but not by Japanese or British.

    Instead of blocking the deal, all slankans should give a big welcome to Krisha to come and do business in Slanka.

    Tamil people, though smaller in number, have contributed 1000% more than the majority sinhalase have, by way of business, tax, job creation, professionals, etc. etc.

    This shows their superiority over us, Sinhalase.

  • 28 May 2007 11:17:49 GMT

    Take the example of Steel Tycoon Mr Lakshmi Mittal, the richest person of UK. India is proud to see Mr Mittal`s progress and is doing everything possible for him to do business in his home country as well. No one bothers whether he is a South Indian or North Indian or Bihari or Punjabi. Thats the lesson SL should learn. Narrow minded approach will only harm your country. When it comes to business, language and religion have no place. Pure business. period.

  • 29 May 2007 03:44:24 GMT

    These politicians will sell their wives and mothers if they can gain some power or money.

    Let them sell Sri Lanka and then our poblems will be the porblem of some outsider.

  • 29 May 2007 06:07:34 GMT

    While the stupid JVP is crying hoo ha about the srilankan born Krishna`s interest in buying SLT shares, the man has already invested in the country in a big way and contributing to the national economy. Foolish JVPers will never understand the economic and business matters.

    [The Malaysian firm Tanjong, controlled by billionaire Ananda Krishnan, has taken a foothold in Sri Lanka`s power sector by acquiring an international energy firm with investments in the country, the company said Monday. ]

    Read the LBO article for more information.