Food crisis looms in the Wanni

  • 27 May 2007 01:25:21 GMT

    [Bring it on Tiger...we also waiting for TAF take off..I don`t think they have guts.]

    Closed our one and only IAP and waiting till you come,when you come next time we force to close our house holds too.Please come:))))))))))))))))

  • 27 May 2007 01:47:27 GMT

    What?? If the Omanthei entry/exit point is closed no food to WAnni?? I thought Wanni is self sufficient in everything..what is happening? Sungoat and his clan only feed them selves with the food that GOSL send /or is available?? Pathetic..

  • 27 May 2007 01:51:19 GMT

    Well, food supply should reach Sri lankans living in Kilinochie ,Mulativu and Jaffna districts.

  • 27 May 2007 02:05:05 GMT

    Wow Siva is back!

    with his freakinjazz!

  • 27 May 2007 02:13:55 GMT

    [Well food supply should reach Sri lankans living in Kilinochie ,Mulativu and Jaffna districts.]

    How can we salvage `Sri Lankans` from Wanni barbarians in these areas.

    this is indeed the challenge..


  • 27 May 2007 03:00:18 GMT

    Instead of applying pressure to Pirapaharan and his LTTE gooons to let the Food convoys pass in to Vanni and Jaffna, our Ex-pat Tamil key bord worriors are fighting for honour.

    Their relatives, kith and kin in Vanni are starving.


  • 27 May 2007 03:26:56 GMT

    Guys and Mr Brown

    what is going on in here...


    sort this out

  • 27 May 2007 03:40:19 GMT


    [sort this out]

    He is a `goner`!

    He took everyone for a good ride!

    Move on!

  • 27 May 2007 03:44:57 GMT

    Wanni means jungle

    no human cannot be there except animal

    also there are stinikin tamil kunts

  • 27 May 2007 03:52:04 GMT

    Food shortage should not effect the wanni LTTE monkeys

    they have their Cyanide capsules to eat whenever they are hungry

    go for it altogether for the same of humanity !