Read the Riot Act to the bus Mafia!

  • 26 May 2007 07:52:04 GMT

    Most buses have to pay on average Rs.35,000 a month on lease instalments, servicing has to be done at 2week intervals costing on average Rs.10,000. If the servicing is neglected or avoided there is a repair costing in excess of Rs.1,00,000 looming around the corners. Tyres have to be replaced at least once in six weeks costing an average of Rs.50,000-Rs.60,000 for re-built tyres. If tyre replacements are neglected flat tyres become the norm and with the bus lying idle for every hour the loss is to the owner. Add to this the annual insurance cost which is on average Rs.30,000 and the revenue licence also costing a few thousands and the route licence fees and semi-luxury and luxury permit fees. No one speaks of these problems the bus owners have. The bus owners are catergorised as a ruthless useless lot making huge profits. This is not the case.

    Bus drivers are blamed for racing. Why do they race. For example a bus operating from Badulla to Colombo is allowed just 7 hours by the National Transport Authority, including a mandatory 30 mnt stop for refreshments, to make the journey from Colombo to Badulla. This time limit is very dangerous as a 52 seater double door bus has to manouvre narrow, winding hilly roads maintaning an average speed of almost 40-45kmph which is fast for a bus plying on Sri Lankan road conditions in the hill country. Most of the speeding is done on the strait stretches of road upto Ratnapura going from Colombo and from Ratnapura going to Colombo, to cach up for lost time on the hills. If a driver does not make the journey during that time the bus misses the turn allocated by the National Transport Authority which inturn causes loss to the owner and the driver very often gets sacked. Each bus route in the country has it`s own tale of woe. The business of operating buses is not a gold mine.

    How does one expect a bus to survive in business with the sole revenue being the bus fare kept at a minimum when all the prices of consumables required to keep a bus running keep on increasing rapidly?

  • 26 May 2007 17:15:28 GMT

    A mess created by Late Premadasa for his supporters.Made worse by the UNP govt.CTB buses ruined by the JVP.Now the present govt. has to clean it up.But, who is capable of doing it? Try starting with:

    1) Confiscating buses driven by reckless drivers.

    2) Scrapping all buses that are not road worthy.

    3) Heavy fines for over loading.

    4) Jail driver and conductors who use abusive language.

    5) Confiscate drivers license of rude drivers who don`t

    respect the laws.

    The increase SLTB fleet with educated personals.

  • 31 May 2007 10:30:14 GMT

    [Purchase of more and more buses is of little use unless the existing fleet is maintained. ]

    There are no skilled mechanics to repair the existing buses that are out of use. Those who can be productive are encouraged to carry destructive guns under the burning sun. What a cruel treatment of growing younsters of poor parents.

    You must travel by Yaldevi to Vavunia and experience the broken and dirty toilets with rythmic thunders of colliding compartments reminding the bombers and artillary shells in the North and East.

  • 31 May 2007 11:07:54 GMT

    The article highlights a number of shortcomings associted with the private bus service. That is fine. But which service/business in slanka, except perhaps banks and finance companies,gives a decent service at a fair price???

    SLTB buses are filthier than private buses.

    Trains are relics of the past century.

    Hospitals are overcrowed and patients are sleeping under beds. Doctors and nurses are on strike 340 days out of 365.

    Schools are dilapidated and there is no policy on anything to do with edcuation.

    Garbage in towns is not collected at all.

    Roads are broken and full of pot holes.

    Electricity supply is erratic and not reliable.

    The list of long and will fill 1000 pages. But I don`t want to dwell more.

    To cut a long story short: [Slanka today is like an overspilling toilet].

  • 31 May 2007 12:08:49 GMT

    [A mess created by Late Premadasa for his supporters.Made worse by the UNP govt.CTB buses ruined by the JVP.Now the present govt. has to clean it up.]

    Yes yes everything was the UNP and past govts faults. CBK + MR were not in power from 94 till today... And yes All MRs is doing is cleaning up other peoples mess.

    Aney aney Kana tharang Punnakku!

  • 31 May 2007 13:38:32 GMT


    Before skinning the idiot who privatised the bus transport system it would have been better to skin the idiot who nationalised the once perfect private national transport system and then ruined the entire system. That is also the idiot who is primarily responsible for the mess the country is in today.

    If you yourself have not witnessed and enjoyed the golden era of the transport systems that existed in Sri Lanka years ago, get an opinion from one of your elders!

  • 31 May 2007 15:27:42 GMT

    [Aney aney kapang punnakku]

    Don`t misunderstand my comments.Even up to date no one has

    the brains to clean up the SLTB and manage it properly.

    The cabinet members or the former have never taken a bus(for I think)and they don`t care how people suffer just

    to get to work or to get home.The cattle get better transport.

  • 31 May 2007 16:30:22 GMT


    I think kiwikanga has given the best response to you. So i dont thikn i have to say anything more.

    [Before skinning the idiot who privatised the bus transport system it would have been better to skin the idiot who nationalised the once perfect private national transport system and then ruined the entire system. That is also the idiot who is primarily responsible for the mess the country is in today. ]

    I have been out of SL for a while but i do have a lot of friends who work in SL and they tell me there are two major problems with Govt departments.

    1. Political interferance - every minister and politician thinks they own govt departments and go and put their political catchers, who dont know jack about anything.

    2. The government workers - they think they own the places they work in. Everyone wants everything for free. THey dont come to work on time, and when they do come they do sweet nothing and then want salary increases every six months.

    If you look at recently, when the minister of petroliam resources tried to appoint a new chairman to the CPC, he had to get permission from the employees - regardless of the qualifications of the appointee - what type of nonsence is this???

    The ONLY president under whom the govt servants did there work (IN MY Memory) is Premedasa. I dont approve of the methods he used but at least got the job done for the most part.

    RW tried to privatise inefficiant govt institutions but he didnt get far thanks to the JVP and MR. At least RW managed to privatise a few insitutions and those are no longer a burden on the economy.

    Privatization is NOT the cure for all ills. However, OF THE OPTIONS available it is the best option. It has its problems but its benefits outweigh the negativities examples are Lanka telecom, Srilakan airlines, Kalani tyers etc.. All of which were highly inefficiant, corrupt, loss making burdens on the country. Today even the stanchest critic would admit at least these institutions are not burden on the country.

    On the other hand may i ask you what constructive thing has MR done having been a senior minister for the past 15 years, PM for 2 years and now president for almost 2 years. The ONLY thing this flity dirty good for nothing crook has done is USE workers for his narrow political objective. He is an EXPERT on HOOTING like a MAD MONKEY on the streets while on opposition.

    Please take a look at this ONE link (With Pictures) where is was opposing every reform the previous RW govt tried to do `ON BEHALF` of workers. He was protesting against privatization and the cost of living.

    Now two years in to the Presidency - what is the cost of living? What COnstructive reforms has he brought about? Why is he trying to Privatize the remaining Shares of Telecom? Why is he in Negotiations with Emirates to renew the management agreement of Srilankan Airlines????

  • 31 May 2007 16:36:33 GMT


    Let me ask you one more question. You might remeber (or you might have conveniantly forgotten), when MR was minister of Labour he brought in a legislation called the workers charter. If it was implemented it would have been the DEATH OF Srilankans competitiveness in the world economy and would have been the end of SL. Thank god people like CBK and Mangala stopped him.

    WHen they stopped him, he went around every nook and corner of the country, saying everyone is against him, because he is fighting for the workers. This was all for CHEAP political publicity.

    Today he is the President. He can do what ever he wants to. Why doesnt he implement the same workers charter he tried to implement when he was minister of Labour????? I DARE HIM TO!

    I say this with the GREATEST of responsiblity. MR is a FILTHY DIRTY CROOK. There is NO BIGGER Traitor and a CROOK than MR. His ONE and ONLY skill is FOOLING people.

    If you want to clean up the SL govt, then start from the TOP. Get rif of the FLITHY SWINE!



    [The cattle get better transport.]

    Yes our govt cant manage a bus sevice or a railway service. So what do we do? we go and start an Airline so that the President and his crony family and friends can go on joy rides all over the world!

  • 31 May 2007 18:27:43 GMT

    It is reasonable to increase bus fare as diesel price has rocketed and gone up by nearly Rs. 10/= from the previous price. But it shuld be increaded in reasonable amount.