SLT deal could be threat to security, says UNP

  • 26 May 2007 05:04:25 GMT

    UNP and JVP are both against this share transaction on National Security Grounds, because the owner of the Malaysian firm is a Tamil.

    HE the President had intervened and Reminded the UNP and JVP that every tamil is not a terrorist.

  • 27 May 2007 06:50:20 GMT

    [HE the President had intervened and Reminded the UNP and JVP that every tamil is not a terrorist.]

    When did President change his mind?

    Mahinda it is time for you to enjoy your own medicine.

  • 28 May 2007 04:52:47 GMT

    Can anyone throw on me a bucket of water?

  • 28 May 2007 10:58:52 GMT

    [At last these idiots start thinking of country?s security.]

    You are another one of same.

    When did politicians (UNP, SLFP, JVP) cared anything about country? (other than fooling the people and come to power.)

  • 28 May 2007 11:28:14 GMT

    [Security clearance has been asked for due to Krishnan`s family ties with Jaffna, once the stronghold of Tamil Tiger rebels

    So just because he was born in Jaffna/or has some connection with Jaffna and he is a tamil, he has no right to do business in slanka.

    This is typical stupid Slankan sinhalase buddisht bonker mentality.

    Slanka should be proud of this guy who made it to the 4th richest man in south/Far east Asia. If he was born in India he would have been given an honorary passport and invited to dine with the president and PM. He would be hailed as an Indian hero. He would be invited to do business in India and given all concessions to do so.

    But in Slanka he needs defence clearance, and the clearning of JVP/JHU and the rest who does not know a thing about business or economy.

    As slankans, we all should be proud when the shares of SLT are owned by Slankans but not by Japanese or British.

    Instead of blocking the deal, all slankans should give a big welcome to Krisha to come and do business in Slanka.

    Tamil people, though smaller in number, have contributed 1000% more than the majority sinhalase have, by way of business, tax, job creation, professionals, etc. etc.

    This shows their superiority over us, Sinhalase.]

  • 28 May 2007 14:36:15 GMT

    [This shows their superiority over us, Sinhalase.]

    This shows the mahavanse mentality.

  • 28 May 2007 15:54:51 GMT

    Raigamakolla! Have you forgotten that SL is having a war right now and that it needs clearance for security

    purpose.India is not having a war!Use your common sense if you have one!