Ranil wants CBK`s security beefed up

  • 23 May 2007 00:56:07 GMT

    I maybe very wrong here,

    , ltte made that successful attempt on Rajiv Gandhi life when he was not in the office, but he was campaigning for the office and CBK is not.

    Anyway it will be a wise things to increase her security.

  • 23 May 2007 01:45:40 GMT

    Is Sri Lanka the only country in the world which provides security squads for former Presidents? Anyone who knows of any other countries?

  • 23 May 2007 02:47:11 GMT

    Of course, all those presidents, ex and current must have a figure of JR to worship in the morning.

    I don`t think Ranil rata rata kittu karanawa to CBK, unless she had an operation to change it.

  • 23 May 2007 03:05:24 GMT

    [Mokada rata rata kittu karanawada?]

    All I can say is Maithree will not mind it. :-)


  • 23 May 2007 03:07:25 GMT

    Wow!! What love!

    If Traitor Ranil was`nt gay, they`d probably be married.

    We still Remember how Traitor Ranil and Ravi K pulled CBK`s handbag at the cabinet meeting during Traitor Ranil`s premiership.

    As long as CBK is against the Govt. of Mahinda she will not have any security problems.

  • 23 May 2007 03:10:47 GMT


    [I don`t think Ranil rata rata kittu karanawa to CBK, unless she had an operation to change it.]

    Change what?

    (Didn`t it ever occur to you that some anatomical parts are same for both males and females?)


  • 23 May 2007 03:13:15 GMT

    Well you said that not me. :)

  • 23 May 2007 04:14:50 GMT

    People wnats the opposition to fight the government over the COL.

    Our Ranil Atkisnosn is fighting the government asking more security for CBK.


  • 23 May 2007 05:07:02 GMT

    This is what makes Ranil a gentleman and MR not.

    On one hand, Ranil has been ridiculed, mistreated and made to look like unpatriotic by CBK over and over again.

    On the other hand, CBK has helped MR in many ways and in big measures to become the president (note the small p) of the country (only LTTe may have helped MR more but it was for money)

    Today, Ranil is rightly concerned with the security of CBK while MR is biting the hand it fed him (in typical southerner style).

    Ranil should know, Slanka is not a place for gentleman-politics.

    He should also start giving out empty rhetoric in big doses to masses and win elections by hook or crook.

  • 23 May 2007 05:16:33 GMT

    Well, certainly far away from me the idea of leaving CBK at the mercy of the Tigers, but during her time as President she had =recycled= sufficient public funds to be able to contribute to her own security. If Ranil is so keen, I suggest he becomes her security sponsor.

    Do you think the Cowboy in the USA will get 168 bodyguards the day he retires?