Police round up beggars using children for begging

  • 18 May 2007 00:17:57 GMT

    Everyone was aware of this business though no one took action

    its good that this happened..

    but the question is will it be the same story in a couple of weeks from now on..

  • 18 May 2007 00:21:57 GMT

    At least here is a law that you can bring Piraba to justice.

    NB: Who wants to bet Rs.5.00, within two weeks there will be a protest at Lipton Circle by SAMASTHA LANKA YACHAKA SANSADAYA and UNP issuing a statement condemning the act as resembling that of Mugabe of Zim.

  • 18 May 2007 00:50:16 GMT

    Very good work, who ever took the initiative in doing this.

    Police help the country`s future

  • 18 May 2007 01:05:57 GMT

    A good move by the police.

    [They have copied this from LTTE]

    Next, the beggars will hire some improvised aircraft to carry on begging.

  • 18 May 2007 01:29:28 GMT

    [Police round up beggars using children for begging ]

    It is not the beggers that should be harressed. What would the poor guys do?

    Its the syndacates that are running this operation, probabally backed up by some politician/s.

    As usual they will go scott free. The victims are the ones who suffer.

    I am sure everyone of you know this but no one will say it.

    At hte rate the nation is going there will be even more beggers.

    Thank you Mahinder Chinthanya.

  • 18 May 2007 01:50:07 GMT

    That is a Great move, but the real problem lies with the people in charge. This type of organized usage of children is also commonly seen in China.

  • 18 May 2007 01:51:18 GMT

    Yep keep the children out. only adults should beg, like our leaders have done from other countries for generations.

  • 18 May 2007 01:55:25 GMT

    This is a good move, still the problem is with the mudalalis who use these poor men women and children for this `job`. I have seen a mudalali coming in a van to distribute lunch packets to these beggars in Kandy. They are hired to do this job. so must crack on these thugs after rounding up the beggars to solve this problem.

  • 18 May 2007 03:30:09 GMT

    Once Prof.Rathnapala at the Dept. of Sociology, University of Sri jayawardane pura disguise himself as a begger to probe begger activities, to his surprise he found it was a million rupees business .

  • 18 May 2007 03:30:33 GMT

    THey should do that to Mahinda and the gang for begging all over the world!