Mahinda gives green light for National Govt

  • 14 May 2007 00:46:57 GMT

    But RED LIGHT to solving TAMILS problem eh ?

    failed state man , GoSL only good for a terrorists state or failed state , that is the verdict !

  • 14 May 2007 00:54:16 GMT

    This is GoSL , the real time money making politics , this is a quick money like defense commissions for a MIC , anthing possible but reliable and dependency is the real issue ! bottle of OLD ARRACK and a good stomach full idiappe dinner would change the whole story upside down !

  • 14 May 2007 00:54:59 GMT

    Mr President, unless you cannot rule the country without Ranil, there`s no need for a National government. You have SLFPers, UNPers,JVPer and so on in your `Achcharu` government now.

    All you need to do is give them a chance. You cant let your brothers to ruin this country forever.

  • 14 May 2007 00:56:31 GMT

    [But RED LIGHT to solving TAMILS problem eh ?


    No one is paying any heed to any `Tamil` problem...

    Only Sri Lankan problems are worthy of attention.

    Come outside the `We Tamil` shoe box to see the reality.

  • 14 May 2007 01:00:03 GMT

    [President Mahinda Rajapaksa gave the green light for a National Government last Friday, ].WHY NOW??

    All bcz the tamil parties in his own gov rejected his devolition pack,now a another drama going to start so called National Govt.Somehow trying to get aproval from his unaccatable pack from majorty sinhalease. IC are not blind.

  • 14 May 2007 01:00:19 GMT


    soon gosl would disappear from the world map as an ISLAND !

  • 14 May 2007 01:03:42 GMT


    [soon gosl would disappear from the world map as an ISLAND !]

    Who knows... end of the world may come before that...

    But please, don`t let `day dreaming` Tamils kill fellow Tamils.

  • 14 May 2007 01:08:01 GMT


    [But please, don`t let `day dreaming` Tamils kill fellow Tamils.]

    70,000 tamil got killed OFFICIALLY by government of srilanka ( the terrorist state GoSL ), any contribution by so called TAMILS KILL FELLOW tamils not close to compare !

  • 14 May 2007 01:25:17 GMT


    If this can solve the sri lankan problem let us go for it.

    The issue is here why all of a sudden this green light is showed.

    does this show that MR knows having serious problems ahead for him and his bros and his proposals or does this have anything to do with Richard Boucher`s message..Time will tell us!!

  • 14 May 2007 01:43:31 GMT

    Who will trust MR??

    Definitely not Ranil.W.

    However, you can never rule out the politicians looking for the spoils.

    Another opportunistic agreement on the card??????