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Kolomba Sanniya - probably the best Sinhala comedy ever made
Friday, 11 May 2007 - 4:01 PM SL Time

Andare, (Joe Abeywickrema) a rustic villager find a valuable gem when he went to bush to perform his morning ablutions. (no toilets in the village) He sells the gem and buys a house in Colombo. The whole family, Andare`s elder sister (Denawaka Hamine), brother Jakolis (Eddie Jayamanne), son (Freddie Silva and daughter (Geetha Kumarasinghe) try their best to get adjusted to the life of Colombo 7 and as they find eventually, it was not an easy task.

That was the story of `KOLOMBA SANNIYA`.(Colombo Mania)

This is the first 9 minutes of the movie.

A creation of Manik Sandrasagara and produced by Tyrone Fernando (who later became the Foreign Minister)

The song `duma dama dama yana dum bara bage...` written by Father Marceline Jayakody and music by mastero Sunil Santha.


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