Let that pratfall be a warning to others!

  • 7 May 2007 05:59:03 GMT

    The President is just one individual. What about the 225 other good for nothing hoodlums from the gutters who enjoy everything except the sun, moon and stars at the expense of the idiotic voters?

    Who is going to take them to the SC?

  • 7 May 2007 06:49:02 GMT

    People take to politics when their ancestors had been snivelling little bootlickers and faithful slaves to the former British Empire. Ranil, Chandrika, JR, and Mahinda all fit this profile. The only exception is Premadasa.

  • 7 May 2007 07:30:12 GMT

    All professions and jobs demand minimum qualifications.

    How come to get into politics, no such basis qualification?

  • 7 May 2007 13:52:12 GMT


    Eventhough to enter politics there is no qualification, to survive in SL politics in the present times a basic qualification is required. One needs to be a Master of Thuggery, Intimidation and Deception with a major in Corruption. Mervyn Silva has a Doctorate!

    That`s why unqualified people like Ranil and G.L.Peiris have no chance of survival in SL politics.


    Who were JR`s ancestors who were `snivelling little bootlickers and faithful slaves`? As far as I am aware they were all legal luminaries of the highest calibre and some of them were Supreme Court Judges.

    CBK`s father on the other hand despiced the Colonial dress and even their language ( of course for petty political gain). It would be good if you could give a few examples of Ranil`s and MR`s ancestors who were `snivelling little bootlickers and faithful slaves` of the British Empire.

  • 7 May 2007 18:47:01 GMT


    D.R. Wijewardena (Ranil`s grandfather) and Esmond Wickremasinghe were total British mimics incase you forgot. Ranil is JR`s newphew.

    J.R.Jayawardena was part of the Anglican elite (also with SWDR) who played house-negro to the British. They took English names (Solomon, Ridgewest, Junius... sounds familiar?). The people who joined the Anglican church did it to get money, land and positions from the British colonialists. They have no background. The moment the British left, JR turned from Anglicism to Buddhism (just like SWDR). The only reason SWDR got popular in the hills was because he had married Sirimavo Ratwatte. I find it hard to respect people with those kinds of backgrounds.

    MR is filling all the ministries with Rajapaksas and people from Matara. Sounds familiar? Just what Chandrika did. Getting her relation Ratwatta to head the army, and putting all her other pets in the big seats, and then finally got fried and almost lost Jaffna. I don`t think that MR is as stupid as Chandrika. But all these guys are from the Anglican elite at some point if you check them- the Brown Shahibs who were servants to the British. Generally servants are not good at ruling.

  • 8 May 2007 01:39:25 GMT


    Even today there are quite a few people in SL who are British and American mimics. ie; Speak English, write English dress like the British etc etc. Some even mimic the British and American accents! They prefer British and American education, they prefer to make Britain and America their countries of domicile. They still eat, drink, wine and dine like the British.

    Certain professionals in SL do menial jobs in the US and UK ; `faithful slaves` of the British and Americans would you say? So it`s not only EW and DRW but quite a large section of the SL population continue the trend even today.

    In fact even today quite a few of our people align themselves with the Portugese and even the Dutch by having their names and in fact even certain Dutch and Portugese terms are passed as Sinhala words ie: isthoppuwa, sereppu,sapaththu, almaariya etc etc. Names ; Mendis, Peiris, Cooray, Fernando, Perera etc etc.

    JRJ`s father was an anglican and the mother a buddhist. He opted to be a buddhist while he was at Royal College long long before he entered politics and long before the British left Sri Lanka officially in 1948.

    SWRD on the other hand was an anglican and opted for buddhism for political reasons. That`s why his father Sir Solomon ( who would be a British stooge according to you!) did not want SWRD buried along with him any day SWRD died! That`s why we see the two tombs of father and son on opposite sides of the A1 Kandy road at Horagolla.

    MR filling all the ministries with his stooges and the Rajapakse Bros. has nothing to do with the British? Has it? Any politician who comes into power in SL does the same or similar. ie: Ashroff packed the port with his people from the Digamadulla District. Anuruddha Ratwatte packed the CPC with his people from Kandy District!

    Even today at State level money is got predominantly from Anglican and other christian countries as otherwise SL has no chance to survive or fund the war effort. Even when the tsunami struck the majority of the funds were all received from christian countries.

    Banmud, if you, I or any other Sri Lankan were to trace back our roots and ancestors there would be so many whom we could easily classify into your category of `faithful slaves` of the British Empire eventhough they would have been paid for work done which makes them somewhat different to the actual concept of `slaves`. At least some of our ancestors would have lived and worked under British Rule. Some of them may have even fitted into your category of `snivelling bootlickers` too!

    Ironically we saw MR do it very recently when he met Tony Blair and the Pope!!

    People taking to politics today do not necessarily have a characteristic where their ancestors were `faithful slaves or snivelling little bootlickers` of the Portugese, Dutch or British as Anyone`s ancestors in SL would have been aligned to the Portugese, Dutch and British at some stage in time.

  • 8 May 2007 14:09:56 GMT

    KIWI, I know my roots man. There`s a difference between acting by your culture while learning the invaders` languages and sciences; and taking on the invaders` religion and names to curry favor from them. As far as I know from my family tree, I don`t come from either a Christian background, nor do I have a European surname like Silva or Burns.

    SWDR is a mimic. MR is a bender too. JR`s root ancestor was a South Indian guy Don Andryas Wijesinha Jayawardena Tamby Mudaly who had nicely settled here and joined the Anglican cliche, and because of the Britons` favor became Sinhalized with a big farcial title. This Anglican cliche was the same one that mismanaged this country for the past 50 odd years. Prooves those fellows as a group can`t lead.