From washing dirty linen to watching cricket

  • 27 Apr 2007 13:21:38 GMT

    So what`s going to happen to the accusations of the so called `Deal` between VP and MR that Mangala was so vociferous about a fortnight ago? Swept under the carpet? Forgotten over a good drink and dinner at President`s House?

    These are the slimy, crafty, self centered politicians without any principles, spines or self respect who represent themselves as the saviours of the nation who are pledging to take the country out of it`s missery into prosperity. Best of Luck, Budhu Saranai, Thunruwangey Saranai and God Bless all Sri Lankans who have no where else to go other than remain in SL!

  • 27 Apr 2007 16:44:48 GMT

    It is very unfortunate that the accusations directed by Mangala & Sripathy towards the President have made a tremendous impact on the image of the country more than it damaged the credibility of the president. These so called politicians do not realize that if they spit looking up what will be the outcome. Now he realizes that his glamour and gloss is disappeared as he lost the position he was holding.No matter the reasons he might give for the reversal of his decision it is obviously self centered and people will never forget the damage both of them have done to the reputation of the country.

    Time will tell their fate.....!