LTTE: Sri Lankan offensive repulsed in Madu

  • 26 Apr 2007 14:01:34 GMT

    A web site says 40 GOSL Army Guys have been taken into LTTE custody in Madu yesterday - GOSL Army Media coordinator says they are classified as missing in action. Also in Amparai more than 10 STF guys have been roasted by LTTE inside a Buffle Army Carrier yesterday. As a result a major Army operation intended to commence on Saturday by Army in Muhamalai to capture wanni has been postponed indefinetely........a good start by Thalaivar in Tamil New Year.......Many UNP top guys are making fun with Gotapaya & Mahinda Rajapaksha brothers and commenting the pathetic state of the GOSL Armed forces......UNP asking both of them to step down ASAP....But Mahinda getting Army to paste thousands of posters in Colombo asking people to protect defence secretary - Gotapaya.... who is unable to protect the country........jayawewa