Karuna plans Euro tour

  • 22 Apr 2007 01:54:32 GMT

    Lets see what IC does for the Tamil cause!

    keybord worriors in this forum could commit suicide, if VISA is granted!!


  • 22 Apr 2007 01:59:30 GMT

    Karuna dont have trust in sri lankan ecconomy, the way its going is bad, He want to invest his hard earn money in Europe, Already he has bought few building in colombo, property market going down.

    Let see where he is going to invest his money.

    already he is in the biz..No VISA sure, try and travel in sinhala/muslim name.

  • 22 Apr 2007 01:59:33 GMT

    An ordinary individual may have his visa refused to the UK. But Karuna is likely to get the visas eventhough being a terrorist!

    Dr.Wickramabahu Karunaratne the leader of the NSSP a registered political party in SL had his visa refused to the UK, but Karuna a leader of a terrorist gang and former leader of a banned terrorist gang in the UK may get the visas! Lets wait and see as to how the `System` works.

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:04:04 GMT

    Yes kauna!! get some letters from BOI, or Cultural ministry that he is in the Kandyan band Chun troup and get a visa.

    Or get a letter from Minister Sumetha Jayasakara from Minister of Child Development and

    Women`s Affairs

    Dr vickramabahugu karuratna visa was first rejected bcz problem in the application then granted. HE TRAVELED UK. so many times he had been UK and studied there.

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:05:37 GMT

    Aha...a good chance to run him over with a truck in a one of European cities.

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:12:21 GMT

    Why not Karuna is an intelligent Tamil. Not just a looser like Selvam big smile no substance.., sure we all will support his Democratic and just cause for all Sri Lankans,

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:25:03 GMT

    What would he fill in the obx against `Have you even been a member of terrorist group`?

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:27:44 GMT

    Most of sinhales know that Karuna will be killed by froces latter, and also use him well now. Karuna is not a fool to die after using him, He will make Max money with his good work in colombo/vavuniya/ampara/ then flee out of the country. Gov dont want karuna to be another headach in the name of Pulli(TMVPulli).

    Lets see who die first.

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:41:26 GMT

    [Ado Pera,

    You said that LTTE hierarchy was not educated. Do you know that their intel leader, Poddu, entered Peradena University with 3A, and B in 1977 ? He joined the LTTE by quiting the studies. ]

    A/LJaffna style????????

    Must have seen the Question papers Stuck on a lamp post the day before the exam!!!!

  • 22 Apr 2007 02:42:55 GMT


    But they are a behaving like an uneducated bunch of barbarians..