UNP to collect info on missing persons

  • 16 Apr 2007 12:15:29 GMT

    What is it?

    Since they got the disappearing major 89,

    Are they trying to do masters on this end too?

    Hope they won`t dig the things to 89 `saga`

  • 17 Apr 2007 07:08:36 GMT

    Info on those who disappeared at BATALANDA ????????

  • 17 Apr 2007 07:41:35 GMT

    Anizam / Raigamkolla,

    This is another poly of You en pee which is going to be hilarious.

    Already the posters are on the walls describing the credentials of Batalande Ranil.

    Ranilchelvam, with his bunch of maggots as supporters will be another Freddie Silva.


  • 17 Apr 2007 07:42:59 GMT

    Kola Koti and PRRA members,

    Be aware, Batalande Ranilchelvam is here!


  • 17 Apr 2007 07:44:19 GMT

    Batalanda`s ghosts return to haunt Ranil

    By Nirupama Subramanian

    COLOMBO, AUG. 22. ``Anil`s Ghost``, the new novel by the celebrated Sri Lankan-Canadian writer, Mr. Michael Ondaatje, is based on the orgy of killings and disappearances that swept southern Sri Lanka in the late 80s when government-backed death squads put down an armed insurrection by the Janatha Vimukthi Perumina.

    Now, one incident from those dark years has returned to haunt the United National Party (UNP), in power then, and its present leader, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    With the Government stepping up investigations into the incident in the weeks ahead of the general election, the spin team of the ruling People`s Alliance (PA) has pounced on it and made it the Big Issue.

    The allegation is that Mr. Wickremesinghe, then a Minister, was the political authority behind an illegal detention centre in a housing complex at an industrial township outside Colombo between 1988 and 1990.

    The Batalanda detention centre, as it is known, was run by a government-backed counter-subversive unit, part of the state`s operation to put down an armed insurgency by the JVP that threatened to overtake the country.

    It has been alleged that a number of people suspected of being JVP cadres were taken there and tortured. Many of the victims ``disappeared``, some survived.

    Damaging statement

    The incident has returned to centre-stage after a policeman associated with the detention centre resurfaced in Sri Lanka earlier this month, and gave a statement to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) directly linking Mr. Wickremesinghe to persons alleged to be members of a death squad.

    The former policeman also alleged that various members of Mr. Wickremesinghe`s inner circle in the UNP were responsible for sending him abroad and ensuring he stayed out after the present Government announced the appointment of a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Batalanda detention centre in 1995.

    Last week, police questioned twice one of Mr. Wickremesinghe`s close associates in the UNP, Mr. Milinda Moragoda, named by the former policeman as one of those who helped him flee the country.

    According to local media reports, Mr. Wickremesinghe may also be summoned for questioning soon.

    If the UNP is worried, it is not yet showing it. At a news conference on Sunday, Mr. Wickremesinghe dismissed the whole matter as ``part of the mud-slinging campaign against the UNP`` by the Government. ``Sometimes I am an agent of the LTTE, now the Batalanda charges are being made,`` he said.

    The UNP chairman, Mr. Karu Jayasuriya, described the statement by the former policeman, now in custody, as a ``fabricated lie``. ``We are not wasting our time on this, there are burning issues facing the country and we will be taking up those issues in our campaign,`` Mr. Jayasuriya said.

    But if the Government so decides, Batalanda`s ghosts could take a life of their own which could prove extremely damaging to the UNP even after all these years. That the detention centre existed is not in question. The only matter that needs to be settled is Mr. Wickremesinghe`s role in it. Earlier this year, the Government published the report of the 1995 inquiry commission on Batalanda.

    Panel recommendations

    Mainly a fact-finding mission, the commission had no sentencing powers, but recommended that the Government bring the guilty to book. One of its findings was that ``Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe and the SSP, Nalin Delgoda, are indirectly responsible for the maintenance of places of unlawful detention and torture chambers in houses at the Batalanda Housing Scheme``.

    It said Mr. Wickremesinghe held ``unauthorised`` meetings of police officers involved in counter-insurgency operations in the housing complex, and that as such, he had ``abused his authority``.

    But for the Government, going to town on this issue before the elections could prove a double-edged sword with which it could well cut itself.

    A Sinhala weekly reported yesterday that one of the persons arrested last week by the police for three murders during that time, a free-lance journalist alleged to have links with Mr. Wickremesinghe, was in fact, a member of the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party (SLMP) founded by Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga and her actor husband, Vijaya, who was killed by the JVP in 1988.

    It is a fact that every politician in the Government or in the Opposition in that period was under siege by the JVP, and many openly assisted government-sponsored vigilante death squads to break the insurgency. In the process, thousands of innocents also lost their lives. According to estimates, between 40,000 to 60,000 people were either killed or ``disappeared`` in those three years.

    As Sarath, one of the protagonists in ``Anil`s Ghost``, says: ``Terror everywhere, from all sides. We wouldn`t have survived with your rules of Westminster then. So illegal government forces rose up in retaliation. And we were caught in the middle. It was like being in a room with three suitors, all of whom had blood on their hands. In nearly every house, in nearly every family, there was knowledge of someone`s murder or abduction by one side or the another...``

  • 17 Apr 2007 07:47:55 GMT

    Amnesty International is a Terrorist Movement -Industries Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe in 1989

    SUN -1989 Sri Lankan News Paper

    Industries Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said that AI money had been used for terrorist activity including propaganda for the JVP.

    Foreign Minister Ranjan Wijeratne yesterday sharply criticised Amenstly International (AI) and said that it was `another terrorist movement`.

    `You can say that I said` he told a Colombo news conference.

    The minister who charged that there were terrorist sympathisers and terrorists in the AI said that it came in sheep?s clothing and did diabolical things to destabilise democratic governments

  • 17 Apr 2007 07:50:16 GMT


    One commission that has been very revealing is the Batalanda Commission. Among its tasks is to probe the disappearance of police sub-Inspector Priyadarshana and several allegations of torture and murder in a camp for which a house in the Fertiliser Corporation housing complex at Batalanda is said to have been used. A reason why this has attracted considerable interest is the occurrence of the name of the UNP leader and former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe in this connection. According to the testimony given before the commission so far the following pattern has emerged regarding the events which took place between early 1988 and the end of 1991:

    The housing scheme came under the purview of Ranil Wickremasinghe who was then Minister of Industries. A house in the scheme about 100 yards from the alleged torture camp was used by him and which he is said to have visited about once a week. The torture camp was allegedly run by men from the CSU(Counter Subversive Unit) who were led by Douglas Peiris, who during that period was promoted from IP to ASP, and recently when he was interdicted held the rank of SSP. Douglas Peiris too lived in the housing complex and a house according to a former chairman of the Fertiliser Corporation, was allocated to him(Douglas) in June 1988 on instructions from Ranil Wickremasinghe. On 20th February 1990(about the same time that journalist Richard De Soyza disappeared in a separate incident) Sub-Inspector Priyadarshana was summoned through radio by his superior Inspector Attapattu and was driven away in a vehicle after which he was no longer seen alive. According to the testimony of his friends in the Police and his father and brother, he had gone to Biyagama Village Inn where, according to one of them, he is said to have met among others, Ranil Wickremasinghe and Douglas Peiris. The issue is said to have been about Priyadarshana`s non-compliance with instructions on dealing with criminal elements close to the ruling party. After Priyadarshana`s disappearance his friends in the Police, his father and brother are said to have been effectively warned in intimidating terms by Douglas Peiris and DIG Merril Gunaratne that Priyadarshana was linked to the JVP and they should not look for him. Although few would be surprised by what has transpired, it is quite likely that the inquiry would be inconclusive and nothing would be pinned on Ranil Wickremasinghe. Moreover in the prevailing political culture, as an aspiring national leader, Ranil Wickremasinghe would be under little pressure to prove his fitness for the highest office in the country by clearing himself beyond reasonable doubt.

    The trail however stinks. Merril Gunaratne has had some interesting associations which point to his having very close links with leading members of the past UNP regime. During July 1994 he was appointed as Coordinator of Operations in connection with the general and presidential elections by President Wijetunge, when Ranil Wickremasinghe was Prime Minister. It is in connection with this that he is appearing before the commission looking into the 1994 general elections along with General Algama who was then appointed Field Forces Commander. The association between Merril Gunaratne and Ranil Wickremasinghe however surfaced earlier during late 1993. This was during an operation which involved a large scale abduction of Tamils in the course of which some bodies appeared in the Negombo area. A report in the `Counterpoint` of November 1993 had associated Merril Gunaratne with this operation. Also used in the operation was a former PLOTE member Uma Prakash, with some of his cadre who were brought down from Tamil Nadu after negotiations. These according to the `Counterpoint`, involved Ranil Wickremasinghe then Prime Minister, and Defence Secretary General Wanasinghe. Uma Prakash was gunned down on 26th January 1994 near his headquarters in Wanawasala, Kelaniya, in Mr. Wickremasinghe`s electorate. A `Special Correspondent` writing in the Sunday Island of 13th February 1994 also stated that Uma Prakash had been involved in discussions with the `UNP hierarchy`. The report further stated that the killing of Uma Prakash was done by a team led by Alavangu Dasan of the PLOTE, which was also working for the government forces. These reports, as serious as they are, were never contradicted. It seems hardly possible that the PLOTE could have murdered Uma Prakash without the tacit approval of the government. Such were the times! There may be little that is new in all these, particularly in the links of politics with crime. Many of the activities being probed are linked to the JVP insurgency of the latter 80s. However they also give us an insight into the machinery that was responsible for the July `83 holocaust, which is yet to be probed and also impinges on the ethnic problem. The inertia of the State is evidenced by the fact that even after the change of government, Sri Lanka has one of the largest disappearance rates in the world

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    Aiyooo.. Typical GP Ranil & Chik UNP.

    No doubt, we should not make people *missing* unless those are real culprits.

    Ranil *GONO*, dont spit looking at sky.. As every one says.. make sure you mistakenly *WILL NOT* dig back to `89.

    BUT you can *surely* make sure to dig the records of missing persons those your crossed-over MPs helped to execute, bcoz crossed-over guys are no more with you.

    GP Ranil : The *bull* that never eats green grass. The *bull* that never was able to breed.

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    U en peee pee pees...

    where are you people??

    Come and help Batalande Ranil to find missing persons!

    Anizam, Raigamkolla and all other Rani saranam gachchami folks..this is your chance!


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    Hellooo You en peee supporters...

    where are you....??

    Come and join the latest fun of Rovan Wickramasinghe...

    Lets keep this thread alive so that we could discuss the electing the Colombo Mayor type operation AGAIN!!