Government has two faces, says Somawansa

  • 11 Apr 2007 03:17:57 GMT

    Somawansa Amarasinghe`s claim holds true for the JVP, the other political parties and most politicians too!

  • 11 Apr 2007 04:19:54 GMT

    Somawansa how many faces you have ?

    Your comments are matching to UNP now ?

    You are going to get more food to talk on May, (proposals)

  • 11 Apr 2007 04:40:14 GMT

    [`This is not the people`s mandate the government received. The government is having two faces]

    Did MR get a mandate actually? He got half a mandate. If not for the money paid to LTTe to prevent Jaffna people from voting, he would be history today.

    Secondly, somawansa is a fool if he did not know SLFP always had more than two faces. Whether it was under SWRD, Sirima, CBK or MR, they all had more than two faces. One for the SLFPers. One for the International commity. One for the foreign investors. One for the NGOs. One for the UNP. One for the USA. One for China. One for India.

    I would call SLFP a pit latrine and all SLFPers worms therein.

  • 11 Apr 2007 06:40:10 GMT

    [JVP was no longer able to understand the exact intentions of this government]

    even in the hostory JVP understood the problems but never understood the solutions.

  • 11 Apr 2007 21:42:47 GMT

    JVP understands the problems and I doubt that they have found a realistic solution.Military victory is possible,then what? Where will the government take us?Perhaps the usual lot will make money and settle abroad,just like the other rouges in the past.

  • 11 Apr 2007 21:59:28 GMT

    Time for Somawansa to join his friend in Australia. With the talk of a military government even MR as a puppet on the top his fate will end like that of his late leader Rohana.

    I honestly would like to see a military coup led not by the top military brass in Colombo but by actual soldiers ie:field commanders.

  • 11 Apr 2007 22:41:55 GMT

    [Article: Government has two faces, says Somawansa ]

    do not worry to much wansee! the paisa family is a communist like you!![Article: Dalas threatens of establishing a Military government]

    any way how is your sister`s prostitute house?

  • 12 Apr 2007 03:10:25 GMT

    [Government has two faces, says Somawansa ]And 2 tongues


    JVP is slowly begining to see the light. Soon others will do the same.

    Mahinder`s days are numbered.

    I am sure JVP will do something and blame the LTTE. We all know that too well.

    [`Mahinder Chinthanya ` ]

    What was that?

    Even Mahinder can`t remember what it was.

    It was what you moronis Sinhala idiots believed would save you from the Tamils. But it turns out to be MR`s ace up his sleve to fool you brainless fools. And he succseeded.

    He didn`t even have to break into a sweat.

    I guess In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  • 12 Apr 2007 05:31:01 GMT

    [any way how is your sister`s prostitute house?]

    As long as they have you as clients they will survive, in fact business is booming.

    Didn`t you know it is the best business in the world.

    Everyone goes to prostitutes at least once in their lives. I mean at least once. But in SL .............. every joint is full. There is no such thing as a quiet day,Inflation, devalue of the SLRs, war even on Poay days.

    Do not worry about prostitution in SL it is alive and well.

  • 12 Apr 2007 05:42:50 GMT

    Somawansa, how many faces does your brothel-house-running sister have? How many faces your family members, who have been accused of interfering with electric meters in their houses, have? How many faces do you have, somawansa? One for the JVP supporters, one for MR, one for monks, one for tamils, one for muslims, one for LTTE.