LTTE ready for talks

  • 9 Apr 2007 10:47:39 GMT


    It`s actually Bull S h i t through the Cow`s A r s e!

  • 9 Apr 2007 11:02:08 GMT


    [It`s actually Bull S h i t through the Cow`s A r s e!]

    yeah more like a sheep A rs e in Newzealand

  • 9 Apr 2007 11:08:54 GMT


    Yes! you could have said so if the LTTE were in NZ and were saying they were ready for talks! But even then NZ also has cows and at that much bigger than sheep and of course bigger than the cows in SL!

  • 9 Apr 2007 11:26:30 GMT


    Is it they want breathing space due to battering all round?

    Is it to regroup and get down more weapons to extend carnage?

    Is it to abduct more tamil kids for blood sacrifices?


    `LTTE leader was never interested in peace`- Karuna

    `LTTE leader thrives on violence for survival`- Fr Miller from Batticaloa

    `He never accepted any thing other than seperation. CFA was to buy time to send kids abroad and to buy weapons. Talks were a bluff`- Karuna

    `One man takes all decisions.` Nirmala Rajasigham. When Bala and Tamilselvam agreed for federal solution this was simply overuled !

    `If not for Prabakaran SL will achieve peace`- Peter Voke times defence analyst

    ` MAKE TAMILS SUFFER, THEN THEY WILL SUPPORT US`- speech made by the LTTE leader itself.

    ????? Liberator of tamils or the most evil curse of the tamils

    He will never let tamils have peace but will try to bluff all the time !

  • 9 Apr 2007 11:43:40 GMT

    Let th modaya cowards implement the CFA in toto.Then we will try to have a `meaningful` talks.

    National LEader/ELAN

  • 9 Apr 2007 11:52:57 GMT

    [LTTE ready for talks]

    Oh please come-on, not now,


  • 9 Apr 2007 12:36:41 GMT

    LTTE wants the CFA to be fully implemented for talks to resume. Wasn`t there some reports of Govt. considering a referendum on the CFA itself?

  • 9 Apr 2007 14:52:39 GMT

    This is a good indcation that LTTE is experiencing difficult to face military forces as they don`t have much weapons and personnel now. They need time to rebuilding these needs. GOSL should not stop defensive attack on LTTE and must continue to destroy LTTE backbone while going for peace talks. This will help to boot the moral of soldiers as well. And also MR should not work like Ranil who gave everything to LTTE under CFA. We must not withdraw from the areas that we have captured in the East and try to establish civil administration in East.

  • 9 Apr 2007 15:37:38 GMT

    Unfortunately, the only reason for the LTTE?s readiness to talk is to gain time for getting re-organised / re-stocked and referring to the 2002 agreement is to get the territories back they used to control in the East.

    Too bad for them that these tricks don?t work anymore. After all why should GOSL take them seriously now that they have lost all credibility even among their =hard core fans=. They are the only ones who still believe that they are the sole representatives of the Tamils. Just wonder how many people would really vote for them in the Vanni, if the poor civil population trapped there had a chance to express themselves without fear?

  • 9 Apr 2007 15:47:06 GMT

    Nothing new here folks, this is what the LTTE have stated all along, even at previous talks - IMPLEMENT THE CFA, nothing less is even worth discussing.

    -Disarm Karuna/ EPDP

    -Open the A9

    -Vacate occupied territories

    Should give GoSL hooters a clue as to how `weak` the LTTE is, they know full well that the terrorist state would never agree to this, which is why its hillarious to read some PEBs here posting that ah ha this shows the LTTE is weak and ready for talks.

    Fools, they don`t want talks, they just want to keep exposing your pathetic terrorist state, that is all.

    Anyway keep quaffing the punnakku your fool in chief shovels your way.