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LK Information  5 Apr 2009 16:28:09 GMT  Report for Abuse  
If you would like to learn real Sri Lankan History visit now..
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LK Information  15 Sep 2009 15:21:42 GMT  Report for Abuse  
The King Ravana was in Lankapura, which located in 2 places in India.

first lanka pura located in present Jammu Kashmir historians belive where sinhalese came from...

second place was in south india where present Tamil nadu is.

Accordingly to legend Ravana was a Tamil King. So you can deside where he come is belongs to. I srongly declare that King Ravana wasnt in Sri Lanka, and those days Sri Lanka was called 'Oja dwheepa'. Many people mistaken that the present name 'Lanka' and the name of the certain places in India.
Accordingly to new histry details King Ravana lived in India, also if you read Ramayanaya properly with your OPEN MIND you will come to know where actual Ravana come from...
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LK Information  27 Dec 2009 15:16:12 GMT  Report for Abuse  
I totally agree with topxstar.

King Ravana was the grand child of Pulasthi. Pulasthi lived in current Polonnaruwa area. He was the founder of 'Start Gate' which resides in Anuradhapura district (Ran masu Uyana). If you haven't see the Star Gate, please go and see it. This place in Anuradhapura is known by the Western people. But unfortunately our Sinhalese people do not like to believe their proud history.

I feel sorry for the author of this article. Ravana was NOT a Tamil. And he was not a monster as well. Monsters were Indian Kings who were there at that time. Ravana was a great Sinahalese king. I do not understand why these people try to destroy our proud history.

I do not think Ramayanaya is a 100% true story It was kind of a fiction. 70%of the contents are not true. You can rely on great Bhagawatha Purana and Garunda Purana in india.

Mr. Rajasinghe: As I said Ravana was the grand child of Pulasthi. Pulasthi had to go to India due to King Wishnus attack. King Wishnu attacked our country saying that Sri Lankan people were monsters. But at the last stage of his life King Wishnu understood that Indian people were the real monsters NOT us. But it was too late. It is said that Rama was the second life of King Wishnu.

Because of King Wishnus attack, Pulasthis family went to India. They lived in a place near Narmadha river. Please note that Ramas teacher (Waashishta) was the brother of Pulasthi. Pulasthi and Vishrawasa were the teachers of Ravana. I cannot understand why people not telling the truth about this great Sinhala King.
By that time Sri Lanka was ruled by King Vyshravana. Ravana was able to defeat him and take the rule of Sri Lanka.

I must say, Ravana could not be defeated by any king in the world by that time. Rama defeated him due to Vibhishanas (one of the Ravanas own brother) help that he got.

Vibhishana was a REAL MONSTER.

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LK Information  15 Feb 2010 01:55:28 GMT  Report for Abuse  
[Hi all, it would be hard to believe, but I an Ravanasura born in present day with a new identity. It is wrong to your belief that i am a Buddhist, do you guys even have sense? how can i be born just 2000 years back(2554 to 2517 BC as told by Ahubudhu), wouldn't i be dominating Jesus who was born around the same time? wouldn't the world be following sin hale religion or culture(don't you guys think i am capable of it)and talking about 'Lankawathar Sutta' don't you think two people can have same name( unlike stupid name like TopXstar)What is this funny thing about me being a Tamil king? have you all gone nuts!
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LK Information  30 May 2010 10:24:08 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Topxstar lol you tickle me ... Indians like Srilanka, the umblical chord of Indian culture. Though many say that Sri Lanka in Ramayana is not Sri Lanka the ceylon you love to call.
You are really Top X star as your name. Do you know the Buddha timelines in your blind faith of calling Ravana a Buddha .. madness ..what you want to achieve not sure, in your writings you wrote first king to fight Indians aliens( sheer nonsense), Ravana driven away Kubera to get Lanka. In glory of Ravana please read the most difficult Shiv Tandav Strotram. Regards Buddha, something your anti Indian stance, Anti Hindu stance echoes you are tamil of Karunanidhi style. Hindus rever Buddha, Buddha is accorded as Avataar. People pray him here including me.Wake up brother..
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LK Information  5 Apr 2013 06:02:25 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Ravana is not monster he is a great scohalor,he didnt had 10 heads.

Ravana 10 heads(10 kind of knowledge) was metaphor of his intelligence

Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Siva,Siva Blessed Ravana to have great knowledge so Ravana with his 10 heads actually depicts his knowledge spinning in all 10 directions..

He was a great scholar n mastered the 4 vedas and all Shastras..
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LK Information  15 May 2015 06:53:07 GMT  Report for Abuse  
It is needed to confirm that Ranava meet Lord buddha, when and how, ravana lived before 4000 years back to buddha's birth.

if such a thing happened that means he might controller of the yakka when the buddha's time

before 5000 years - ravana , a human life with power of yakka called raksha

before 2500 , when he meet buddha , he was a king of yakka in heladiva, but this time power of yakka world held by god vessavana

refer - lanawathara sutta and atanatiya
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