LTTE smuggled 4 or 5 aircraft during CFA: Karuna

  • 4 Apr 2007 22:11:11 GMT

    [Oh finally he has something to say to this too, well I guess one should say thanks to this guy for the information right?]

    Of course ;)

    It is valuable and acurate information.

    The kind you would expect from any ex-employee fired from a company on bad terms, they would have nothing but praise for their former employer right ;)

  • 4 Apr 2007 22:28:04 GMT

    [LTTE smuggled 4 or 5 aircraft during CFA: Karuna ]

    Since 2004 he did not mention anything. Just was guessing the number of ship load of arms. After the air raid and many papers started playing with the numbers, this guy too wants to have a say and idiots are too willing to believe.

  • 5 Apr 2007 00:14:54 GMT

    The more the merrier !

    How many of you guys going to talk when butts getting hit.

  • 5 Apr 2007 01:58:31 GMT

    Also its funny for a guy who claims to know such secrets that he doesn`t know if it was 4 OR 5? So how many was it Karuna, since you supposedly know the deepest darkest secrets of the LTTE, but you can`t tell exactly how many?

  • 5 Apr 2007 03:01:31 GMT

    Why didn`t Karuna the snake inform Mahinder Mama about the air strike or even of the existence of LTTE air crafts?

    Everyone is so wise after the fact.

    If I am not mistaken I think LTTE did mention it but none of these jokers believed it untill their A $ $ blew up in smoke and flames.

    I still remember those times the SLAF was bombing civilians day in and day out and claimed it to be all LTTE bases . I think if one were to count all the LTTE bases , camps, training centers, suicide training schools, weapons R7D complex, Misseals Testing range, Nuclear submarine .............that the SLDF and the SLAF, SKN,SLA SLSF and all the clowns put together there must have been more than 300 + - a few bombs that landed on fields with cows grazing ( these fields covered the underground air field).

    Someone should ask Karune where the LTTE hides its submarines? I am sure if Mahinder ask Blood Brother Karuna/e I am sure Karuna/e will tell him.( for a fee of course)

    Guys do you all know Mahinder Mama is writeing a book called ` Begging the High End way`and followed by ` How to keep the thich SL banged up army truck face when things go terribly wrong with a red towle round the neck ( it is for covering the face when you get cought with your pants down).

  • 5 Apr 2007 03:04:43 GMT

    [[LTTE smuggled 4 or 5 aircraft during CFA: Karuna ]]


    Maybe 4 or 5 = 45 wow wow wow

  • 5 Apr 2007 04:28:33 GMT

    Right or wrong what realy dont you think that karuna departure from ltte weaken them?

  • 5 Apr 2007 17:06:31 GMT

    [WHATREALLYHAP is an idiot - poor bum has never learnt maths.

    `4 or 5 = 9`

    `4 or 5 = 45`?

    Come on you boob, don`t tell me you are uneducuated as well as stupid.]

    Soupmaya since you are obviously quite intelligent could we humbly borrow your time for a moment.

    So could you explain why karuna who knows all these secrets does not know the exact number of planes brought in?