SSP grilled by CID

  • 4 Apr 2007 09:01:05 GMT

    Dear Mr, Udayapala,

    You are a honaorable man to get rid of these underworld charactors. We salute you for the service you have rendered to the siciety and the country.

    Other police officers also should follow the footpath.

    Yours Faithfully,


  • 4 Apr 2007 18:22:13 GMT

    Not only the underworld people even some of our politicians deserve this type of punishment for the type of crime they commit. Crime against the country, dealing in drugs, etc.should be treated as criminal offence and re- intrudce capital punishment. It might sound a barbaric action, but we are not alone in this. WHAT HAPPENED when we received head severed body from the middle east. CID can intorogate him for six hours and what is the conclusion.