People misidentify SLAF aircraft in bid to report suspicious flying objects

  • 1 Apr 2007 04:30:36 GMT

    [The Fools` Paradise

    We Sri Lankans are rudely awoken when disaster strikes and get back to pleasant slumber soon after, not doing anything about it.

    Remember when the tsunami struck causing unprecedented devastation? Inquiring minds queried: Did we not have any equipment or any system to give us prior warning? After days some equipment that could have warned us, was discovered. It had been donated by a well meaning country and was lying in some place at Kundasale.

    Of course it was a day after Christmas (and was it a Sunday?) and no Sri Lankan: Christian, Buddhist or an adherent of any other religion will work on such days. Then came the glut of information about tsunami warning systems. They were being offered by many countries and foreign organisations. But after two years, could any one tell us if such a system had been installed and is being maintained?

    Tigers` folly

    [Velupillai Pirapaharan sent shock waves throughout the country when he sent two toy planes with bombs and blasted some parts of the air force base. He is considered a master military strategist but we think he erred in his timing. Had he timed the event for the night of the India-Sri Lanka World Cup match, we may have found out that we were bombed only the next morning!]

    We Sri Lankans have imbibed traditions of the English gallants of yore such as Francis Drake playing bowls while the Spanish Armada was closing in. We play cricket while a war is raging in the country.

    Now comes the question of the chattering classes of Colombo. Did we not have an air defence system or even radar equipment? Apparently, we did. Our good and friendly Big Brother donated such equipment when the Chinese had already volunteered. But our Big Brother did not like that, it is made out in some quarters.

    The Chinese radar it has been reported enabled us or anyone else to look into Southern Indian airports and sea ports. What they sent us has been described as `first generation radar,` whatever that means. World War 1?]

  • 1 Apr 2007 13:38:04 GMT

    The idiots who set up this 116 number should have first considered as to how an ordinary human on the ground is going to distinguish a tiger air craft from an Air Force aircraft flying in the sky, which even the airmen themselves could not figure out while the tiger aircraft flew from Vanni all the way to K`nayaka and back passing the radar even at the Anuradhapura Air Base.

    A better alternative would be to ban all light aircraft and set up checkpoints in the sky! Our guys are good at checking Road Buses so why not start checking Air Buses also!!

  • 2 Apr 2007 00:32:04 GMT

    116 will soon shotdown a friendly aircraft.

    GOLS should take immediate responce to fix radar or a ative air defence system to support our course.

    Its a dream if SL going to get any support except lip service from India.