CSE downslide and global democracy on the Gadarene Slope

  • 2 Apr 2007 12:24:13 GMT

    What does this editor want?

    To instigate the whole world against the LTTE!

    LTTE poses no threat to any, who has no intention to subjugate Tamils, destroy Tamils or eliminate Tamils.

    If only the media in Sri Lanka had helped to organize neutral thinking, voice against all kins of tyranny, has insisted the Tamils aspirations to be recognized and addressed instead serve the national supremacy of the Sinhala Buddhist hegemony, this island would not be in this situation.

    Tamils have raised there problems parliamentarilly, non violently, internationally all of whisvh failing, they turne to arms to defen themselves and to win their birth rights.

    Goverments of Ceylon/Srilanka have never tried to treat the decease. They only try to work on the symptoms.

    Hopefully the world would realize this and act upon it.