We never gave LTTE Rs 70 Mn -Yapa

  • 31 Mar 2007 08:23:44 GMT

    [I think from where we stand today, we have to be patient with MR and let him run it out with VP. We will know who won. It will be the guy who is standing. I desperately hope it will be Rajapaksa.]

    Definitely two guys will be standing MR & VP. And rest of us, all srilankans will rest in peace.

    The migrated SriLankan in USA will be writing postmortems.

  • 31 Mar 2007 08:42:34 GMT


    From the way VP behaved over the last 24 years, I can not see him as someone with whom anybody can deal with. VP and peace in our country are mutually exclusive existances -if one takes the splitting of the country as a non-option.

    Please say if you have reasons to view things differently.

  • 31 Mar 2007 08:57:06 GMT

    Why do we obsessed to deal with a terrorist.

    For 24 years why cannot we offer a devolution solutions to moderate tamil leaders like Anandasagari, Douglas, Karuna ?

  • 31 Mar 2007 09:04:39 GMT

    [For 24 years why cannot we offer a devolution solutions to moderate tamil leaders like Ananadasangaree,Dougles and Karuna.]

    The asnswer is simple.

    They are not moderate tamil leaders.They are our slaves, who are for UNITORY state,enslaving the Tamils.

    NAtional LEader/ELAN.

  • 31 Mar 2007 22:25:02 GMT

    [Can one think of any past achievements of MR that led VP to describe him as `pragmatc`??? ]

    i wrote this last yr. take a look


  • 1 Apr 2007 03:16:41 GMT

    When Sinhalese ask these types of quetions from mejority sinhalese elected president LTTE will laugh not from the front but also from back. Did any Tamil MP ask such stupid quetion from TNA or Prabharanan?

  • 1 Apr 2007 03:31:09 GMT

    We have had leaders like Chandrika,Sirimawo, now Mahinda,because of our `KARMA`

    We will never have a better future becase of these liars

  • 1 Apr 2007 03:40:38 GMT

    [Basil`s hunt for a video tape

    President Mahinda Rajapakse and company are now engaged in a campaign to whip up `patriotism` among the people to overcome the many shortcomings in government.

    The smallest operation conducted in the east is exaggerated in the media by this team. The underlying purpose is to create an impression among the people that the government is successfully carrying out operations against the LTTE and that there is no secret agreement with the Tigers.

    Former Ministers Mangala Samaraweera and Sripathi Sooriyaarachchi alleged that the Rajapakses entered into an agreement with the LTTE, initiated by Basil. Their statements further reveal that Basil had developed a direct link with the LTTE.

    The alleged secret pact was said to be the reason for the LTTE to order a boycott of the last presidential election, which resulted in Rajapakse emerging victorious.

    Warning signs

    However, all this news about Basil and his role in Sri Lanka resulted in him receiving the first warning signs. That was from the US, where he is a citizen. If details of the alleged agreement with the LTTE came to light along with Basil`s direct involvement, he would have to face severe consequences where the US was concerned as the LTTE was a banned terrorist organisation in the country.

    The message Basil received asked him to somehow distance himself from the present situation. Basil`s immediate reaction was to try to lay his hands on whatever `information` Samaraweera and Sooriyaarachchi had on the alleged agreement with the LTTE.

    Thus Basil summoned Vice Chairman, Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA), R. M. P. B. Wickrema to Temple Trees and asked him to `somehow get` him the copy of the video tape of Basil`s meeting with the LTTE. Wickrema then inquired from Basil if such an agreement did exist.

    Basil told Wickrema that there were several transactions with the LTTE and said that he needed to know exactly of which deal Samaraweera had details.

    Dealings with LTTE

    It is now revealed that the dealings Basil had was with Emil Kanthan, the very man who has been identified as a LTTE intelligence operative by the Terrorism Investigations Division in the case against Maubima Publisher Dushyantha Basnayake. It is this evidence getting into record that Basil is now trying to overcome with the resultant effect being the tightening of screws against Tiran Alles and his companies. The question is whether the TID will question Basil Rajapakse if this evidence surfaces through a statement of one of the parties currently being questioned.

    Basil thus contacted several others and requested their help to get copies of the video tapes in Samaraweera`s, Sooriyaarchchi`s and Tiran Alles` possession. It is also significant that Basil is yet to publicly deny his involvement in a deal with the LTTE prior to the presidential election as alleged by Samaraweera and Sooriyaarachchi.

    Soon after making this request, Basil did the vanishing act. Doubts immediately arose as to why Basil left the island without informing anyone. Basil left for Los Angeles in the US via Singapore and Washington.

    There was another motive behind Basil`s sudden trip. That was a secret visit to Sri Lanka`s peace facilitator Norway, and meetings with several high ranking officials there.

    Message to Norway

    The intention was to send a message to the LTTE through the Norwegians. The message was that the government was ready to commence peace talks with the LTTE once again.

    As scheduled earlier, Basil made his way to London for a few days and was to leave for Oslo on March 26. Basil`s plan was to return to London from Oslo and stay there for a while as it would be then easier for him to return to Oslo if the need arose.

    Basil had one condition for the Norwegians on his secret meetings. That was to ensure that the meeting and details of the meeting remain a secret.

    The Norwegians agreed and everything proceeded as planned.

    However, the attack on the air force base in Katunayake on March 25 changed all plans. Basil immediately called Colombo and asked if he should proceed with his trip to Oslo as previously planned.

    Put off

    He was then instructed not to do so in the present circumstances and to postpone the trip. Basil called Oslo and informed the Norwegians that he wished to postpone his visit.

    Basil who initially planned on returning to the island after the Sinhala and Hindu New Year is to now return tomorrow (2).

    However, even while overseas, Basil did not forget to check on the progress in obtaining the video tapes of him with the LTTE and whether there was confirmation of such video. The strategy of Basil`s detractors appear to be to allow the investigation to proceed whereby Emil Kanthan is fixed as a top LTTE operative and then produce the evidence of Basil`s links. It remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in this cat and mouse game.]

  • 1 Apr 2007 04:01:04 GMT

    [Every one is subject to the rule of law.It is applicable to all including me.]

    Usual words which are music to the ear. Don`t they say actions speak louder than words?

  • 1 Apr 2007 05:51:15 GMT


    You say -- When Singahelese ask thes types of question about/from their leaders. Tamils will laugh. Tamils never do that from Prabhakaran--

    Two ways this can change: Either Singhalese learns to live timidly like the Tamils - or Tamils learn to ask questions like the Singhalese.

    WHich would you recommend: