Mangala calls on democratic forces to rise against `emerging tyranny`

  • 19 Mar 2007 03:23:33 GMT


    Mangala was the Foreign Minister who met most of the very powerful Politicians in the world; including US President, Condaliza Rice; along with others from various ocountries. Experiencing that Power - a short time; now he has sunk into the reality - `Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely`. One who is intoxicated with this kind of `power` Will go to Any extent to achieve what he really wants to do; even distroying The President - the very person who offered him the Important Position of Foreign Minister.

    Mangala has the same dream that Oppositon Leader and the Ex President who are still trying their best achieve. All these three have onething in common. That is to give what LTTE wants; just to become the President of the country.

    Mangala will go to any extent in supporting the LTTE to reach his goal. He will form the trangle by stretching his hands to CBK & RW; promising them that he will bring Whole Down South to support him so RW be the President and CBK will be the PM. Now his aim is to get back the old power of Foreign Ministry. There after to change the constitution, pre - J.R. Jayawardena era, where the PM governs the Country & the President only a figure head. Thearotically it may looks fine but practically it`s impossible. Today the Country knows - `How corrupt, cruel, wicked and absolute lier - Samaraweera is.

    If T.B. Illangaratne was alive he will certainly write another novel giving the name as `Macbeth of Lanka.` If so I will make it into movie script as the Best Political film; like `Saagrayak Meda`

    Alfred Seneviratne

  • 19 Mar 2007 03:34:54 GMT

    This is an interesting game of chess.

    Mangala is becoming one of the most INTERESTING political characters of all the times. (I said INTERESTING not IMPORTANT)

    One important observation I make is both Mangala and Motta Raala have done serious mistakes by OVERESTIMATING themselves.

    Motta Raala thought sacking Mangala would not be a problem, as he overestimated the power of the Executive Presidency and the parliament majority. He might have perhaps compared Mangala to Ranil and have thought `What the hell this joker can do?` What he forgot was that unlike Ranil, Mangala is a great organiser and there are so many people who still ready to back him.

    Mangala made the serious mistake by stepping out at the wrong time. If he waited for some more time the starts would have been much better for him. He thought perhaps the moment he stepped out people would rally around him. It happened to some extent, but still the critical mass is too less to start a chain reaction.

    What Motta Raala lacks is a brian and what Mangala lacks is a political ideology. What they both have is enough people to support them each.

    Now the situation is more or less in balance and who would win will be entirely decided by what each would do within the course of next two weeks.

    The happenings on the next two weeks will decide where Mangala would finally end up.


  • 19 Mar 2007 03:39:41 GMT

    [First Sri Lanka has the largest cabinet in the world, now it`s a dictatorship. A remarkable transition! ]

    There is no contradiction here.

    The size of the cabinet does not mean the powers are equally distributed. One man in the cabinet wields more than 60% of power/money and the remaining 40% has been distributed among 100 odd ministers.

    It is like full moon vs. stars.


  • 19 Mar 2007 04:14:08 GMT

    [Am I missing something here???]

    Yes you are! I dont know how you could miss this one but even thought we have 53 ministers, hardly anyone has any power except for the RajaPASSAS. The RajaPASSAS directly contorl over Over a hundred institutions, which accounts for over 60% of the govt budget.

    All this while there are some miniterers in charge of one of two insitutions. There is one, MINISTER of Special projets with out ANY depts or functions. Ofcourse he has a car, fuel allowance and body guards..

    Now do you know what your missing???? This is TYPICAL of Motta Rala Supporters - say anything to protect thier PUNNAKKU feeder!

  • 19 Mar 2007 04:16:07 GMT

    [Mangala calls on democratic forces to rise against `emerging tyranny`]

    Mangala - You are the one who brough this tyranny upon SL. Now get rid of it - Hook or by Crook.

  • 19 Mar 2007 04:18:27 GMT

    [Mangala - You are the one who brough this tyranny upon SL. Now get rid of it - Hook or by Crook]

    yes...our man is not capable of doing Pleeeese do that will you ManGALA???


  • 19 Mar 2007 04:20:46 GMT

    [What Motta Raala lacks is a brian and what Mangala lacks is a political ideology. What they both have is enough people to support them each. ]

    there was a `person` with a `brain` and `political ideology` but he lacks enough people to support them .......



  • 19 Mar 2007 04:23:31 GMT

    EVERY tom -removed-and harry who worked for the victory of the RajaPASSAs have got it up their behinds. Pera is NEXT!! :)

    Says our JVP sahodarayas... CBKs govt not the most corrupt anymore... :) :)

    [Most corrupt government

    He described the Rajapaksa-led coalition as the `most corrupt government in post-independent Sri Lanka`.

    `Now everybody is a minister. Together they all are involved in corruption: nobody is punished,` Lal Kantha, MP, added.

    Instead of Ranil`s unpatriotic opposition or Mahinda`s treacherous government, the need of the moment is a patriotic opposition

    JVP parliamentarian Lal Kantha ]

    EVERY PINA who worked for this govt is up in arms against it. And it has been JUST more than a year!

  • 19 Mar 2007 04:40:41 GMT


    Thilanga made the payments to the cross-overs in 2001 to make a way to Ranil to become prime minister.

    Ranil appointed Thilanga as the CEO of Telecom.

    Wickramatunge went to courts and managed to put Thilanga behind the bars!

    That means Ranil was keeping a criminal as the CEO of Telecom.

    [Kage kaget killota wala hunu tika tika thiyenawa Anizam nana.]



  • 19 Mar 2007 10:51:45 GMT

    Who the hell is this fellow to speak about tyranny as he was part of this system in the past regimes.I think the JVP must join up with the likes of Ranil and other Tamil and Muslim honest leaders in the country and rein the state in a just and a honest manner.Then after,say 10 years,get back into party politics.