LTTE cadres stranded in Toppigala

  • 18 Mar 2007 13:27:36 GMT

    [Paramasiwam Suresh also said that the LTTE leadership had all the facilities but cadres of lower ranks lacking basic facilities were deployed for fighting. `The leaders, who are living in jungles, are leading luxurious lives under tight security. They took us forcibly and were given weapons training and we were asked us to fight for the country`, he said.

    TO all the tiger rats and their supporters do give your comments on the above. As it has always been emphasised in this forum that all the funds coerced from the tamil diaspora from the west is for the leaders in the wanni and the surrounding areas is to maintain theis kusshy life style they have got accoustomed to while the poor cadres in the front line have to live on biscuts.

  • 18 Mar 2007 17:00:58 GMT

    Clearly these are not `LTTE cadres` as these kids have been abducted to get killed and should be protected and treated well to send a clear message to the LTTE whose barbarity doesn`t spare any one other than their own kith and kin whom they have sent abroad.

    Being the biggest traitors of tamils, the LTTE conveniently sacrifice these innocents as simply they do not care.

    Remember even Saddam used only westerners as human shields but the `liberators` use their own feeble and vulnerable ones simply as they do not care too hoots not only for tamil lives but also the wants tamil society distructed.

    Just because the LTTE is unable to face reality, unable to face peace they have made the `land of freedom` the biggest concentration camp ever where tamils live in languish, poverty and misery and the liberators are clearly in a mission to anhiliate tamils !!

    They demand insatiable blood sacrifices from tamils trapped for a dream of an uneducated, supremely selfish, manic depressive and idotic man.

    Claiming to have a defacto state they have not provided even a grain of rice or a panadol to tamils despite collecting billions which is being used to heap misery and humiliation to tamils


    those who have contruibuted are equally guilty of this tamil carnage !

  • 18 Mar 2007 17:19:01 GMT

    [Hmmm. as usual, the LTTEers in here will avoid this article like plague. ]

    There is only so much punnakku we can devote our time to, and with such low grade punnakku, its not even worth laughing at ;)

    For example here is some higher grade punnakku:

    [BATTICALOA: IN THE OPERATIONS OF THE ARMY in consolidating its positions in UNMICHCHIYA in BATTICALOA violent confrontation had taken place today (18) afternoon causing heavy damages to the LTTE cadres.

    Two soldiers have died and six injured in the confrontation. ]

    So half starved unwilling LTTEers somehow managed to kill two goons and injure 6 more, of course the punnakku part is the `heavy casualties`.

    Stupid SLDF goons got hit hard and the LTTE disappeared, but they have to save face with the same tired old line of, yeah we got a beating but you should have seen the other guy!

    Oh look a few more details, hehe

    [Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers attempting to advance into jungle areas under the control of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Batticaloa were ambushed by a Special Operations Squad on Sunday at around 2pm in Palavankarai.

    SLA acknowledged the incident and said two soldiers were killed, six were injured and three more were missing.

    Liberation Tigers have said that they recovered the bodies of three SLA soldiers, and will hand them over to the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) tomorrow.

    An LTTE cadre also died in the incident, according to sources in Kilinochchi.

    Meanwhile, in another clash in Peraaru one soldier was killed and two more were wounded, according to the Sri Lankan military. It also reported recovering bodies of two LTTE cadres. The incident has not been confirmed by the LTTE.

    SLA has repeatedly stated recovery of dead LTTE cadres, but has for some unknown reason failed to hand them over via the ICRC. ]

  • 18 Mar 2007 17:51:55 GMT

    SLAF should drop some biscuits at least to these stranded carders before they die from hunger and not fighting for the security of the Schizo Prabha.

    The only achievement for these carders sent to fight for a Tamil Eelam and now for the security of Prabhakaran is getting a tombstone with their name, date of birth and when they died inscribed, in so called Tamil Eelam which is nothing but a cemetery.

    Those carders who surrender are smart , they will live another day to be productive to the society than getting killed for an illusive and racist concept of a Tamil Eelam.

  • 19 Mar 2007 02:53:52 GMT

    Toppigala Theater Is not fullfilling GOSL expectations at this time.But GOSL may be tracking things to deal with Karuna Group.

    A considerable amount of weapons and caders are being grouping with Karuna from Main LTTE.

    If GOSL is planing to make East a model for all communitys to live in peace, Karuna should be dealed with.

    Recently we have seen HR and FM Ministers getting strangled at International media.Which mark that they are not really

    well planed.

    HR violations By Karuna Group specially to IDPLS are a

    running problem to GOSL.

  • 19 Mar 2007 03:00:12 GMT

    Airlift these pulli cubs to Norway Embassy and send them to

    Nordic states.