We are ready to fill political vacuum in East: Karuna

  • 11 Mar 2007 11:46:10 GMT

    [We are ready to fill political vacuum in East: Karuna ]

    Are you sure you are in same page with MR, JVP, JHU?

  • 11 Mar 2007 14:54:56 GMT


    First of all, my deepest sympathies to all the families who have lost their near and dear ones at Muthurajawela, any other Wela, wala, linda, River, on tires or Road. May God grant those families special strength to bear this great loss of their loved ones

    By killing Karuna?s associates, LTTE is behaving like the Sri Lankan government now. I am sure they would have learnt these things by associating Sri Lankan government, signing MOUs and Associating Sinhala people. (I mean killing your own people and each other, who helped the movement or the party in the past). Killing your own people and each other is normally a Sinhala thing and not included in the LTTE barbarian act list). I am very grateful for been Snhalese now as we have teach these Sinhala traditions (killing your own people and each other) to LTTE. I am sure LTTE will be finish soon now.

  • 11 Mar 2007 18:05:02 GMT

    Any armed group who accepts democracy with in a unitary state should be welcomed by open arms.

    Also the govt. should put forward a credible proposals to solve the issue with MAJORITY support for a `national solution` and they should understand that they can NOT satisfy every political group.

    Unfortunately the souhtern politicians gave FAILED to provide a `NATIONAL PROPOSALS` with international support for the last 30 yrs giving the LTTE trumpet separation world wide. This is entirelly the fault of narrow minded souhtern politicians who always think of personal agendas in politics rather than uniting to produce a credible solution.

    This will marginalise the LTTE barbarism for ever !

  • 12 Mar 2007 04:59:03 GMT

    Sure, when Karuna sticks out his head and it gets blown away by ..... there will be another vacuum for sure , then who will fill that ?

    Karuna is a back stabbing , double crossing, turncoat, lire who the Tamils do not trust can become friends with the GOSL it tells a lot about the GOSL by the company it keeps.

    What title will Lord Karuna be given? Governor or maybe chief Minister or even emperor maybe.........ha ha ha.

    Good luck Silly Lanka. When you play with fire be prepared to get burnt.

    KARUNA what a wonderful choice. GOSL could not have chosen a more reliable and trustworthy person to rule the East. Why not even the North?

    Karuna will be lucky if he can come out of his cell? How is he gonna serve the people?

    It is a lot for a man whose days are numbered.

  • 12 Mar 2007 17:07:16 GMT

    Wait a minute................

    First you need to eliminate the ltte pistol gangs roamimng the streets of the east.

    Thereafter, you may step in.