Go out and combat crime - President orders police top brass, warns against human rights violations

  • 11 Mar 2007 10:27:51 GMT

    [ `what were they doing?`]

    Doing nothing!!. Scared of Presidential/Judicial punishments for investigating crimes.

  • 11 Mar 2007 12:19:10 GMT

    Go out and combat crime--President

    If they are going to combat crime..

    First of all they will have to combat inside police department and SLA..

    These are the places,now the days the crime is originated..

    If we can clear this two places..

    Sri Lanka will be crime free country..

  • 12 Mar 2007 03:55:44 GMT

    The President dose not know what he is saying.

    IF the police were to follow instructions perfectly the Mahinda Brothers will be the first ones behind bars.

    Followed by the Jambo Parliament, SLA, SLN,SLAF, customs, Port, Central Bank,Inland revenue and ...........

    There will not be enough place to house all the criminals in the GOSL so all this is just a show of this P@R@Y@ state which is called Sorry Lanka.

    Just as an after thought What happened to Scotland Yard in Raviraj`s murder investigations? or it that also a cover up which in under a carpet somewhere?

  • 12 Mar 2007 04:10:51 GMT

    Heres more PUNNAKKU for the RajaPASSA lickers....

    RajaPASSA is the GOD FATHER of thugs in SL. See one of the BEST known drug dealers and murders in SL with RajaPASSAs right hand men...


  • 12 Mar 2007 04:55:04 GMT

    [Go out and combat crime - President orders police top brass, warns against human rights violations]

    Anee tho baba okum neh...

  • 12 Mar 2007 07:36:12 GMT

    Oh Noh Never no how to believe ??

    Guys who were laminating Crimes going to stop them crazy Man.

    MR you being sleeping in the past ? Victor Perera spilled the beans ? MR cracked the Top Police Brass.

    Hey wambotta ! Wakeup

    All Crimes or most crime syndicates are run by politicos of Your Soil Man.

    What up with Gottabayada ?

    MR talks HR thanks to Mangala and Sripathi.cheers !

    Take care of Prisons Chief all these criminals will lick his Ass.., or he will run away.

    Call upon SLMM guys, loitering around South collecting GOSL Informations for LTTE,IC and HR groups.

  • 12 Mar 2007 08:23:35 GMT

    They have to start by learning to speak to the general public (who pay their slaries) properly ! This is another load of cowdung and aimed deflecting the flack from brother Gotabhaya who is being branded as the main man behind the `white van` stories.

    If the IGP had any backbone at all he would resign but expecting that is an even bigger joke !!

  • 12 Mar 2007 08:56:27 GMT

    [It is no doubt a difficult task to catch criminals. But it is also not an impossible task if proper efforts are made,]

    When the President and his men are able to `catch` those whom they consider to be terrorists the Police would `naturally` follow - as per the power of majority vote. Merit based thinking and working is the specialty of Tamils. Only those officers who feel connected to Tamils would benefit from this Tamil wisdom.

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam from Australia

  • 12 Mar 2007 11:33:15 GMT

    MR said the riht thing here, but need to put lot of prsure to the top in the police to get results. Otherwise these donkeys are wasting tax payers money sitting in one place and having a joy ride on the expense of others.

    If you look at there physical appearence it`s quite evident.

  • 12 Mar 2007 13:28:27 GMT

    [So now it`s time for them to work right?

    The only problem/question came to my mind was, `what were they doing?`]

    Saint good question

    Answer: They were doing WHAT THE RAJAPAKSE MAFIA told them to, so now he is yelling at them as a show for the IC and they the good Rajapukesa sevants will obey.