Govt. considering power link with India

  • 10 Mar 2007 12:47:23 GMT

    This initiative to `sell` electricity comes from India. They may not have surplus electricity just now, but they have some major programs under-way, to generate power from nuclear reactors .. two 1,000 MW units will be coming `on stream` very soon in Kudankulam, South India. They will be producing at their optimum `steady state` capacity, after initial `teething problems` have been solved. As these are large units, there can be a large mis-match between actual `need` and capacity` initially .. until such time as Indian demand `picks-up`. It suits India to have a `Customer` standing-by to receive this surplus power ..

    If we have a `need`, and India has a `surplus` .. it is good that we should co-operate, and help each other out. But we should remember, this initiative is coming from India. We should not make a `practice` of being `dependent`, or being dictated to.

    (At the next stage - after we have sorted out the `ethnic problem` - we should think of setting up our own 500 MW nuclear power plant .. the first of a series, as we `step out` towards industrialisation).

  • 10 Mar 2007 14:41:46 GMT


    We must have 2 500MW nuclear power plants at two different places in the island,just in case one is shut down for repairs or disabled by a terrorist act.Perhaps Japan could help us to set it up?