Needed: A Haal Chinthanaya

  • 9 Mar 2007 20:16:40 GMT


    Is it a Mangala Karunak; all of a sudden to out burst of these various Chinthnayas? - `Paan Chinthanaya, Haal Chinthanaya, Kurakkan Chinthanaya etc.` If this goes on the whole thing would be a `Paapapity` - smudgy One. Perhaps the One who grind these wheats may be doing so to be a `Sooraya!` (arachchi).

    Ages ago when I was coming over to Sri Lanka from England on a holiday, as usual I asked my family members what to bring over. I was surprised to hear them requesting me to bring over some `Rice, Dhal & Sugar`. I couldn`t believe my Ears after all those years! I laughed and did not bring any. This was the era of Srimavo Bandaranaike.

    However, on the flight of Air Lanka - (which her daughter later in power sold `for a song`! to build her Castles abroad.) As I regularly drink Sri Lankan Tea I enjoyed this hot drink on my flight instead of the other `hot` drinks. I increased the quantity of tea in consuming, mainly to collect the little suger packets to carry with me. Now I have become a tea drinker without sugar. Feeling bad for the ones whom I visit and add extra sugar into my tea, I said I do not take sugar in my tea. Now they question me whether I am a diabetic and various questions including the treatments and solutions on my so called problem! The reality was to save their expensive sugar on behalf of me.

    When I next visit Sri Lanka, I wonder whether I would be able to enjoy Hoppers? However, I will be very pleased to eat these `Aarpppa` made out of any flour such as: `Paan Pity, Haal Pity, Kurakkan Pity or any such on our Soil!

    Alfred Seneviratne

  • 10 Mar 2007 00:43:05 GMT

    The Institute of Post Harvest Technology is reported to be planning to popularise a new flour mixture, which is eighty per cent wheat flour and twenty per cent rice flour. The new scheme, it is believed, will help save a great deal of foreign exchange.

    The reason to mix wheat flour with rice flour is not just to save money but to add nutrition that lacks in refined wheat flour the Vit B1.

    The refined wheat flour is much cheaper than whole wheat which is expensive. Adding rice flour fortifies nutrition , save foreign exchange and encourage local farmers to stay in paddy cultivation. Why should we make US farmers rich by buying more nutritionally poor wheat flour when we could limit that by adding rice flour.