Sripathi says deadly white van following him

  • 9 Mar 2007 02:17:23 GMT

    [Sripathi says deadly white van following him]

    I just burst out laughing when I first saw this. We are with Mahinda Puthraya! Dissenters out! Jayaweva!

  • 9 Mar 2007 02:28:29 GMT

    [Sripathi says deadly white van following him]

    Does the driver has a moustache?


  • 9 Mar 2007 04:14:16 GMT

    Apparently, Sripathi has recently boarded a Time Machine and has gone back to the past.

  • 9 Mar 2007 04:21:22 GMT

    Siripathy showing symptoms of Paranoid behaviour contracted from LTTE after the said first meeting he had accompanying Ghotabhaya.

  • 9 Mar 2007 05:10:48 GMT

    Previously Sripathi was `Driving` the white van.

    When he got off with Mangala, now the van is following him..

    yes,.. just like in postman Pat!



  • 9 Mar 2007 12:58:47 GMT

    [Sripathi says deadly white van following him]

    Probably MR wants to make sure that LTTE won`t abduct him and giving security :)

  • 9 Mar 2007 13:10:13 GMT


    Well said!

  • 9 Mar 2007 13:10:54 GMT

    Oooooo Sripathiiiiiiiiii!!!

    run biatch!! runnnnn!

    its your mother`s illegal lover`s 2nd child coming to get you mofo. That`s why he`s following you in a cheap white van. you don`t deserve expensive multi-hued jeeps to follow feces like you.

  • 9 Mar 2007 14:20:31 GMT

    As i said a couple of days back the dude is digging is own grave. DVLADV mentioned going public was also in his best interest which is true. but knowing the banana republic i would leave the island!

  • 9 Mar 2007 14:23:19 GMT

    Siripathi smoked some bad stuff.LTTE must have given him.Now someone has to take him to Angoda.